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    i think new oldschool jungle has been made more or less quite a long time, before the current resurgence. will give you a boring answer which probably doesn't help much (lol), but there's few non-generic jungle tunes here and there - you just gotta find them.
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    satisfyingly crunchy.
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    Bedroom Techno

    another good one from Leonard ->
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    Bedroom Techno

    just found this ->
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    Drag / witch house

    Witch house had significant influence on '10s internet art with it's special characters. The genre was first ever internet genre, was it? Everything started from this music.
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    UKG revival (again)

    Good selections Dimensions and Boxedjoy (y)
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    UKG revival (again)

    This tune! Hazy and mysterious. Interesting how it leans more to dubstep than grime (i guess).
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    London Jazz

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    London Jazz

    London youth making jazz and taking influence from urban genres like grime. Is live music getting popular with the London street crew? Seems interesting evolution.
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    UKG revival (again)

    Short 2step mix from me. 01. Sunship - In The Pocket 02. Sunship - Try Me Out 03. TJ Cases - Keep It 4 Real 04. TJ Cases - It's My Life (Darius remix) 05. Indo - R U Sleeping (Bump 'N' Flex remix) 06. Jeremy...
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    UKG revival (again)

    There's some good 2step being made currently. I don't care if it's just a revival thing. This one is one of those air-y and spacious garage tracks: Also, it's great to hear good new dark garage/pre-dubstep. I wish these dark revival tracks were produced in 00s, when I wanted to hear/play...
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    Deep House and Garage

    Big tune.
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    youtube forcing japanese music down your throat

    This album is great. Technical summertime music ->
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    UKG revival (again)

    Alot of Dissensias seems to be Gen Xs however, so I understand the critique towards retro after having seen constant innovation for decades. I have to defend retro in continuum genres though, as they were so short-lived. So good music, but for so short time, so why not make more of that stuff...
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    UKG revival (again)

    One interesting and nice thing is to hear early dubstep/dark garage tunes being made. They can be used to bring versatility to otherwise uplifting garage sets.
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    UKG revival (again)

    Some of the new garage tunes are pretty damn good. I don't care if they aren't innovating. Dissensus is playing the same broken record again, like since early '10s :D Though I have to say I haven't been obsessed with innovation for a while now. Oldskool is the best and I'm cool if it's being...
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    Dissensus Raw Productions

    Bunch of tunes -> Hardcore styled jungle. Another entry for Jungle Beat Battles. Oldschool jungle. Bright and hectic dnb for summer. Jungle style.
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    Short jungle mix // new jungle with few old ones

    LISTEN HERE ## tracklist: 01. Gremino - Roamer 02. Skerce - Jungle Fever 03. Harmony & Xtreme - Temple Of Heaven 04. Gremino - Jbb31 05. Veak - Chemist Ina Dis 06. Riffz - 2 Late 2 Run (VIP mix) 07. Conrad Subs - Here With Me 08. Dark Dean & Hankinson Ft. Stevie A & Carmen Naida - In The Area...
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    Shuffling / House Music / Cutting Shapes

    That Afrotized thing sounds like UK funky house before UK tunes. This time it's techy instead of soulfull. Is it UK productions?