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  1. padraig (u.s.)

    things that seem like they should be good but aren't

    on paper/conceptually/etc seems cool/interesting but in practice is mostly or completely not here are some possible examples. plz agree, dispute, discuss, suggest your own, etc. feel like there's a ton I'm not thinking of. -trip hop -virtually every kind of trance -the large majority of...
  2. padraig (u.s.)

    Kate Bush vs Madonna

    the one every prior versus poll has been leading up to all cards on the table the ethereal vs the Material
  3. padraig (u.s.)

    Is a counterculture still possible?

    We've talked around this in a few threads, but I would contend that it's almost impossible to imagine a counterculture - as opposed to a subculture - existing at this point in time Advertising is so sophisticated and integrated at every level of cultural consumption, and Artists themselves do...
  4. padraig (u.s.)

    Ireland/England trip

    Hey! I'm gonna be in Ireland and England the last week of May. My recently retired folks + will have just graduated from grad school sister are taking a more extensive trip and I decided to tag along semi-autonomously for part of it. Probably gonna fly into Dublin, hang 2 or 3 days there, then...
  5. padraig (u.s.)

    Near/Middle East dance musics (vintage + modern)

    edits of 70s Turkish disco/rock, edits of Ahmed Fakroun, Omar Khorshid, etc, Baris K, Mehmet Aslan, Bouzouki Joe, Disco Halal, Habibi Funk, Omar Souleyman, Acid Arab, A-Wa, etc. Local Turkish, Arab (Middle East, North Africa), Persian musics recontextualized into a Westernish dance (disco...
  6. padraig (u.s.)

    RIP Claudio Rocchi

    great Italian musician of the 70s. kind of like a folkier Franco Battiato, but reverbed to hell, echoing spaced quasi-kosmische folk, tho less shambling hippie mystic than comparable German avant folk stuff. Battiato played on or produced a bunch of his records, as did some of Battiato's...
  7. padraig (u.s.)

    mainstreaming of VICE // VICE mainstream

    so, VICE has graduated from a YT channel to a show on HBO and in the last couple weeks there have been profiles in the NYT, the New Yorker and Time among others (sorry I don't have links b/c I read them all hard copy). if someone had told you 5 years ago that Vice was going to break into the...
  8. padraig (u.s.)


    this could just go in music 2013 or the krautrock thread but fuck it this is my favorite new record of 2013 (tho technically not quite new since it was recorded before Klaus Dinger's death) and I haven't seen it mentioned in any of the usual internet hot spots, so here's its own thread. full of...
  9. padraig (u.s.)

    belated r.i.p., chinua achebe

    a literary giant in every possible sense the things fall apart/no longer at ease/arrow of god trilogy his critical reading of the heart of darkness everything else seriously there's no way to overestimate what a towering figure he is in 20th century literature and post-colonial thought r.i.p.
  10. padraig (u.s.)

    r.i.p. roger ebert

    one of the all-time greats, probably the best-known american film critic of all time, certainly for anyone not old enough to remember pauline kael. grew up watching him + the man like siskel beam subversively intellectual film criticism into mainstream american pop culture every week (a real...
  11. padraig (u.s.)

    DIY Weapons of the Syrian Rebels

    so this kind of blew my mind. I knew dudes w/o access to fancy tech been jury-rigging crazy homemade weapons since day (literally since the dawn of time I mean) and you've been to see YT videos of people firing homemade rockets for years now but some this shit is still, just like, next and next...
  12. padraig (u.s.)

    ding dong Kim Jong Il is dead

    as you probably know you if pay any attention to current events or ever use the Internet. I don't really know much about North Korea beyond what your average dude does - brutal totalitarianism, the awful food shortages that are literally turning the North Korean people into dwarves via...
  13. padraig (u.s.)

    black metal, gangster rap, transgression + (organic) intellectuals

    so this very clearly isn't topical or anything (despite the ongoing intermittent output of academic papers + discussion surrounding black metal) but lately I have for whatever reason been listening to much gangster rap from its halycon days, i.e. the first half of the 90s, and I was thinking...
  14. padraig (u.s.)

    dj screw tapes

    so he made something like 250 mixtapes, and I'm just wondering where the best place to start is. at the beginning? was there some kind of peak at some point? is it all just equally good? I never got into much southern rap beyond dungeon family, rap-a-lot and various other...
  15. padraig (u.s.)

    tunes that perfectly fuse jungle and happy hardcore

    aka, happy hardcore before it abandoned the ruffneck chopped-up breaks <object width="480" height="385"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowscriptaccess"...
  16. padraig (u.s.)


    Just moved to the ATL for school, know most of youse are limeys or micks or Scotsmen or whatever but I thought some Dissensus people from this continent might have recommendations for, yunno, things that are cool. your standard "city recommendations" thread - whatever you think is good. the...
  17. padraig (u.s.)

    American hikers imprisoned in Iran on absurd charges

    the Iranian regime has been holding 3 American kids (well, late 20s-ish) in a Tehran prison for the last 10 months. they were originally in Syria, as English teachers I think, and during a week off they went hiking in Kurdistan and, apparently, accidentally crossed into Iran via an unmarked...
  18. padraig (u.s.)

    Fantastic Cover Versions

    inspired by this utterly astounding steel band take on "Transmission". something else isn't it? famous covers, youtube jobs with an acoustic guitar or a dinky keyboard, whatever. not counting tribute acts, though. but counting update versions of old tunes, I'd think, provided they're not...
  19. padraig (u.s.)

    Rolling Afghanistan Thread

    I know the War In Pakistan thread was kind of a default AfPak thing but since they are after all, despite the contiguous Pashtun belt on both sides of the border, different countries...and since there's been a big push going on (USMC!) for a while now and since it's effectively Obama's war and I...
  20. padraig (u.s.)

    North Korea

    sorry to start yet another thread, but... Holy Shit! I mean, it's a big deal. great that the 2 journalists were released, of course, tho I suspect that was more a means to the end of opening up a dialogue on terms both sides could live with, no one looking like they're giving up something for...