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    Drum'n'Bass 2013 (???)

    Doctor Morbius explains the ancient origins of the Amen Break to star fleet captain Frank Drebbin:
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    Cassette Swap Reboot

    I'm in.
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    First new dubstep record i have bought in a very long time:
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    Pointless But It Makes Me Chuckle to Myself

    wheres this from? love it. reminds me of...
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    Pointless But It Makes Me Chuckle to Myself

    for another great piece of journalism from the guardian check:
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    Classic Films on Youtube

    I love this film. Found it in a Poundland in Edinburgh a few years back, definatly recommend it.
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    Stewart Home vs Tony Wakefield

    - I hope it doesnt look like ive spent the last 3 months scouring the internet for quotations...I just came across this.
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    TV Heads-Up Thread

    I did like that on the intro bit (the panning shot which turned from day to night) there was a piece of graffiti which said 'SAY NO TO ART FAGS'
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    Art + Politics

    "we…feel ourselves to be artists." -Josef Goebbels, 1933
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    Stewart Home vs Tony Wakefield

    Is this not a similar tactic to Home's posing as a skinhead in press shots to promote his 90s skinhead books?
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    Stewart Home vs Tony Wakefield

    How so?
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    La Gaga

    i enjoyed reading this article: In the Context of No Content, Heeding Lady Gaga's strangely empty song of herself
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    black ops (appreciation-type post)

    any chance of a re-up of the deuce cd?
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    always loved the black ops stuff maybe needs its own thread?
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    whats the tune at 50 minutes or so proclaiming I AM ALPHA AND OMEGA?
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    Selfish thread: I may be in Manchester tomorow - any recomendations? Thanks MK
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    Visual Art

    Reading the Charles Thomson (urgh) Damien Hirst plagiarism article, my favorite sentence has to be: Also this made me chuckle: from: