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    RIP Nam June Paik

    Nam June Paik died on Sunday, aged 73, in Miami.
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    howtogetones --> grime/dubstep <-- tunespublished?

    Despite living in east london and caning grime/dubstep pirates all the time, i am not knowledgable about the scene's record stores, labels, distribution networks. per se, this is wouldn't be a problem, as it's a dirty job that i'm glad to leave to others. surprisingly however i found myself...
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    The other day I came across this "Cubaton" compilation. It documents a cuban take on reggaeton, and i like it more than the puerto rican original. i have no idea how big the cuban reggaeton scene might be or how representative this compilation is. but there's something distinct about cuban...
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    I went to see ESG last weekend @ Koko, great concert. two things i'd like to know: what does ESG abbreviate? i was surprised just how large an audience they managed to attract. who's been pushing them?