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  1. outraygeous

    GRIME- breaking news, gossip, slander, lies etc

    aint logged into this mess for ages but the Logan thing brought me out the dirt. I feel sorry for the lad but it was coming in this day age of internet history, reminds me i should delete all the stuff ive posted on here just incase i get 'famous / decent job' Since Uptown forum Logan was wild...
  2. outraygeous

    Shuffling / House Music / Cutting Shapes

    My mate Danny Owen is on Mode FM, was a sick grime dj so is probably good on the house mixing now Also, MRMANPR hold down a room at egg every once a while. They would be good to follow
  3. outraygeous

    GRIME- breaking news, gossip, slander, lies etc

    Twoza and Peck Flirta and Ribz Jamakabi and Flowdan Demon and Kano were good live
  4. outraygeous

    Shuffling / House Music / Cutting Shapes

    'To use one of my favourite club flyer cliches, the shuffle house scene is "grown and sexy". It's Moet, not Red Stripe; Ralph Lauren, not Carhartt Heritage. It's a racially-diverse, all-encompassing scene that might just be the genesis of a new club culture in this country. It might not be cool...
  5. outraygeous


    After the Timberlake album, The Neptunes tried to re create with with a guy called Kenna He features on 2 outstanding 'Neptunes' sound beats
  6. outraygeous

    Shuffling / House Music / Cutting Shapes

    Im going back on twitter now. Then I am going for a beer and burrito and I am going to shuffle all the way down Upper Street. Good thing Im not wearing my Nike Blazers cos they are now 'cunt shoes' cos people who shuffle wear them I got mine 6 years ago! ADVANCED CUNT!
  7. outraygeous

    Shuffling / House Music / Cutting Shapes

    The anti shuffling page on facebook made me die inside a bit There is all these house purists upset that people are coming to 'their' nights and dancing. That must be awful Someone do a quick run down of the demographic of the people who are anti shuffling. Personally, if you want to do...
  8. outraygeous

    Shuffling / House Music / Cutting Shapes

    If I was more articulate I would dead off that whole contiuumm (what every it is) theory How can any one explain for example, someone like Swarvo going from being a grime mc to doing dance moves on youtube without actually being part of the environment that pulls you to these events? I would...
  9. outraygeous

    Shuffling / House Music / Cutting Shapes

    yep, raves in Acton.
  10. outraygeous

    Shuffling / House Music / Cutting Shapes

    re post - I can do that cos im a boss. Posted this in the House / Techno thread a few months back. The London House scene is a weird one for me personally because I am not involved in it at all. My mates are all into it and I see things and usually just talk about them on here like a dunce...
  11. outraygeous

    Funky/London/UK House

    How about that raid on 93 Feet East? Pretty old school!
  12. outraygeous

    Hip-Hop 2012

    Cat Swag
  13. outraygeous

    Jackin' / Electroline

    The good thing about this music is the recognisable samples. In an age when doing vocals can be a bit long, these outlandish samples are good.
  14. outraygeous

    a dissensus night (in london?)

    I know the guy that runs the White Horse in Hoxton, not the brass place. I could hook something up potentially or point people in the right direction Im on it (if im not busy on that date)
  15. outraygeous

    Hip-Hop 2012 Here is a good piece going into detail on the media 'blackout' on the non musical parts of Chicago rap. Its the lack of journalism that comes with todays digital age that annoys me really. I like reading and...
  16. outraygeous

    Great 2 Step?

    That Jameson touch when he was the darling of the Majors I really still like this one and the 4x4 flip
  17. outraygeous

    House / Techno 2012

    Love the internet. Girl on my facebook - 'Whats all this shuffling Shit i keep hearing about ??? .. Sounds like another reason why I avoid going clubbing in east london as much as possible now' Seems like its catching on. Wait, I am super late. There is a whole movement against it? This is...
  18. outraygeous

    Pop derived from Grime

    lets go back a few years. Imagine a time when the only place you could hear this music was on Channel U. 'They' said is had no market 'They' said the kids just share this music via bluetooth 'They' said Urban music is better off in the states Look how wrong 'they' were. Or, do we have Dizzee...
  19. outraygeous


    The only thing I can see larger labels doing is keeping you current. But then again if your fan base / market can be tapped into by yourself and you can hire some PR for when you have stuff dropping then you should be sweet right? Once you are an established name you are going to get a certain...
  20. outraygeous

    Vinyl dying (for DJ's)

    I am at peace with DJing now. I have realised you need all mediums. I play cds, Serato and Records. I do have different bookings though and the length of the set is important. I like how everyone is doing vinyl only nights now. I was so ahead of my time hahah