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  1. outraygeous

    PRS Monies. Clearing myths, will it feed my Sams Chicken problem

    So I always see people talking about it and never followed it up. Probably because I dont have any tunes out or nearly out to be balling of PRS fees. I see it costs £30 for admin fees to join up. I guess its worth doing but how long will it take to get my £30 back Obscure and random questions...
  2. outraygeous

    Music Conspiracy Thread - How/Who/What/Where/Why??

    With the internet and our all knowing all seeing generation do people try to drum up some drama for themselves or have you ever wondered how things in the 'music scene/industry' happen? As I get older and more cynical, I find myself asking these questions all the time. I would like to state, I...
  3. outraygeous

    The internet is cool n'all....BUT

    There is nothing like discussing music over a beer in the real world That is all I have to say really
  4. outraygeous


    Okay, so I am going to be doing a vinyl night in London on Wednesday nights and I would like some of you an your mates to come down to play. Below is the blurb that I am pushing round the web at the moment but, yeah. Get in touch if you fancy it Every Wednesday at Wax Jambu in Angel is a new...
  5. outraygeous

    Can you be a DJ and not own a label or make music?

    Just a question I would like to put out there, seems like most people who make music are now DJs and there doesn't seem to be just djs any more. Obviously I dont know or see everything that is happening in all the scenes but would be interesting to hear what thoughts you have.
  6. outraygeous

    Brokenhomes - Ray Juss mix Thread.

    Thought id make one thread for any of the mixes I make So here they are, here is one Its a UK Garage mix, not much to say about it. If you cant let go like me, then you will know these tunes. Enjoy
  7. outraygeous

    drag/witch house/haunted house

    What is this? I think Salem are involved? Maybe Hype Williams? (not the director who made Belly (flop)) I think this is part of it? is this just a variation on chopping and screwing? Lets see far this thread goes
  8. outraygeous

    Garage/Grime/2 Step Mix and Jungle Mix

    If you follow I pon twitter (@rayjuss or @thebrokenhomes) you probably would of seen these, anyway if you aint here are the links to them tracklist Purple City - Joker & Ginz Get Along Gang - Wiley Standard Procedure - Live-O & Sticky...
  9. outraygeous

    Where were you when vinyl died?

    I was at my moms, looking at 3000 garage 12's thinking if I could fit them in my new flat and then finding most of the new music I could get in FLAC It also died when I played a ten year old garage track which I played a lot on pirate and now it sounds CRAP I am now waiting for my CDs to decay
  10. outraygeous

    grime/wonky/space funk/garage/beats

    Yall can get all your mixes live and direct here and if your a blogger follow ya boy for updates and the like
  11. outraygeous


    Thought i would add this up here, just some mixes i put together, around 30mins in length. no upto date selection, just musics. the album gets a mix or 2 a week so add me or bookmark it doing the myspace thing again...
  12. outraygeous

    xbox live

    anyone want to swap gamertags? or does anyone even play? im easy to kill on COD4 gamertag: BROKENHOMES
  13. outraygeous

    recordstore jumble sale!!!

    The Jumble Sale: A Rummage Like No Other Leading online indie retailer is taking it back to the streets with its first old school jumble sale. Known as the web’s leading site for breaking new and essential music, will be taking over London’s...
  14. outraygeous

    a good read in the nme

    there is an article about hadouken in the nme, a for and against. the person who writes the against argument is pretty spot on which i was surprised about. i got board of reading the for argument half way through. big up james
  15. outraygeous

    the nme dubstep article

    could remeber what thread it was in but some people wanted to see it there you go
  16. outraygeous

    Plan B - your views on him

    Im currently listening to this dude Plan B and hes a very angry dude. Well raw aswell but all in all hes quite good. i prolly wouldnt listen to him on a pack tubed 'coz id probably start shanking people whats the view of him on here.. i see a lot of hype in the media press
  17. outraygeous

    outraygeous in the mixa

    right, had a mix today and taped it(old skool words). its one big file but the 1st half is garage and the second is grime. hopefully i didnt bang it up 2 much but it should do the trick. heres the track listing garage one day - tuffjam/todd edwards flava - juice see the light - qualifide...
  18. outraygeous

    anyone going to see rascola tonight?

    dizzee rass is playin the electric ballroom tonight in camden as part of the bud rising festival hes got the newham gens supporting so should be good anyone off here reaching?
  19. outraygeous

    hip hop video - heatmakers

    my mate uploaded this to yousend it and i thought might aswell get the moneys worth. shows the heatmakers making a track in their studio if anyone here knows how tou use an mpc... then we can cry 2getha.. coz these dude are gettin paiddd, and there is some definetly something missin in the...