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    An old mix I dug up recently... TRACKLIST ------------------------------------------- 01: LAME SCRATCH INTRO 02: DMX KREW - THE GLASSROOM 03: TTC - SUBWAY 04: MR OIZO - FLATBEAT 05: HANAYO - JOE LE TAXI 06: SI BEGG - LOGANS...
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    subtek - "dubliminal minded 2" (2 step / garage / ragga mix)

    I downloaded this mix 2 or three years ago and was tangentially reminded of it by the el-b thread. Never had much exposure to 2 step and garage before I got into grime. anyway... this is a tight, dope mix of some social circles tracks (sticky's label) w donaeo mc, mc tubby t (?) some soulful...
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    new isht... what's got you excited in music lately?

    What's got your head nodding / toes tappin' / mind blowing / jeep bouncing / pelvis thrusting etc in music lately... any releases coming up you're waiting on with baited breath? anything you've picked up lately (new or old) that's really doing it for you at the moment? Personally I'm mildly...
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    "DRUNKEN MODEL TRAINWRECK STYLE" MIX (file under : nice cover, shame about the mix)
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    J Dilla R.I.P. /(,0_o,)\

    Sorry BLEEP, but I thought this deserved its own post... Jay Dee aka J Dilla passed yesterday morning... One of THE most talented and prolific hip-hop producers around and right as he was finally starting to get the recognition he deserved. A sad day for hip-hop & for Dilla's friends & fam...
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    it's raining tiny spiders

    Just had a bunch... maybe 10 or 15 tiny little freshly hatched spiders drop down around me on webs from the ceiling... like a bunch of paratroopers. tiny as in 1/4mm. They are so light they can kind of fly/float around by wiggling their legs. I experienced this once before in my bedroom when I...
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    street art you dig

    Graf Spotting - The Street Art Thread How bout it peoples? rep your streets or share interesting stuff you found on the web. This is a pic I took in a Shibuya side street...
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    human beatboxes

    I've always loved beatboxing and I picked up a scribble jam 2004 dvd a few weeks back which was pretty dissapointing except for the beatbox battle... actually one competitor... a-train. He was incredible. Got me wanting to hear more fresh beatbox talent and I haven't researched that guy yet but...
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    brucker and sinden

    Any body know anything about these peeps? I know lady sov isn't exactly miss popularity in these parts but I thought their random remix was one of the dopest productions I've heard this year. Haven't heard the hoodie remix but I wanna hear more of their stuff.
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    Transcendental Type Isht... What Tracks Get You Wide Open, Soul Deep?

    This Mathematik & Bohamadia track does it for me everytime... MATHEMATIK & BOHAMADIA - FOLLOWIN' GOALS
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    Halloween Tunes... What Would You Drop In A Halloween Dj Set?

    Just curious... got my own halloween blog posts going on already but as a fan of halloween and darker production I was wondering about what's your idea of halloween music? I like to play dark, downtempo stuff... heavy dub like SPECTRE, MOU, TECHNO ANIMAL, some of FSOL's creepier moments from...
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    Gameboypopdancehallgrimehiphop Mix*

    And by mix I mean... mp3 version of a compilation tape cos my mixing is shite... this is kinda my answer to the "best pop songs of this summer" thread... DRTY SHDWS PRZNTS : "NOW, LISTEN!" 01 > 00:00 > TTC - CODEINE (INSTRUMENTAL) 02 > 04:07 > PAZA - TIUTIU 03 > 07:02 > BECK - BAD CARTRIDGE...
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    new nasty aphex remix/remash from rephlex site

    anyone heard this yet? just found it today on the rephlex site... curious if anyone has any info on it... mashed up (or maybe live?) version of one of the fast bleepy druqs tracks or one of those "2 remixes by..." tracks... I forget the name...
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    favourite live dj sets

    Don't want to start another mix debate like the one in the mix cd's thread but having spent many years living in a city where most of my favourite artists & dj's never ever tour (Brisbane Australia), the chance to hear recorded dj sets online is a welcome consolation prize... this one is one of...
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    video game influenced tracks

    Hey, this is my first post so yoroshku onegai shimasu . For years now I've been kinda collecting old-school game inspired tracks... these days there's plenty of kids making gameboy tracks and hip-hop, grime and electro are full of all kindsa retro bleepage which is great but I really like tracks...