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    Dissensus culture bunker

    Ended up there twice, both times too young/drunk/clueless to converse with the great man or take advantage of the the fact that he spent literally the whole time stood at his desk opening bottle after bottle of wine for his guests. He'd been to the gig I'd played at and asked me "do you just...
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    Dissensus culture bunker

    citation needed
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    Leonard Cohen's remarkably high LSD intake

    Ah yeah. I do remember listening to them fairly recently with a view to putting on Discogs and it went back on the shelf, so maybe there is some inner turmoil I need to address.
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    Leonard Cohen's remarkably high LSD intake

    There's no-one like you Luka ;)
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    Leonard Cohen's remarkably high LSD intake

    I respect the artistry of Joni Mitchell, Cohen and Neil Young but I can't click with the music. My mother's side of the family are from Canada so maybe I could work it out in therapy. I have nothing against the people and country in general - I'm not a monster. There's a clip I cant find of...
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    Leonard Cohen's remarkably high LSD intake

    The only Canadian artist I get on with is Peaches.
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    things to do in Berlin

    You didn't mention food but I would definitely want to revisit Babel if I ever go back
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    New weird britain

    Damn straight.
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    dissensus best of 2018 Love this. Copy arrived in the post today, so ta :)
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    23 Minutes Over Brussels

    Been to Les Ateliers Claus a couple of times Pretty groovy :cool: You have to visit The Atomium. This radio show might lead to things:
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    The only Canadian singer I like is Peaches :D
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    Ibogaine Trip Report

    Yeah I think it's been a while. He did drink more than 2 bottles of red wine during the evening we were talking about this, and come to think of it he mentioned some ketamine action during the day :slanted:
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    Ibogaine Trip Report

    Thought Ibogaine was some Hunter S Thompson joke until the other night a friend of mine was telling me used it to beat heroin, 2nd time round at least. Said even doing the tester dose was an immediate pyschological cure. Claimed he had to forcefully reintroduce himself to nicotine, because he...
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    PETE UM "THE NEW ALBUM" Hello again. Might as well hijack my own thread as a catch-all space for shameful hustle. I'm actually involved in an ongoing private/vanity press release/reissue program, but I have kept this from you all at Dissensus until now ;) The next LP after Can't Get Started...
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    The Prince Thread.

    'I shifted my phone to my other ear so I could pay the guy and told Prince to hold on. Prince asked, "Which one do you like more? Wendy, or Lisa?" I thanked the guy behind the counter and put my things in my bag and asked Prince what he was on about.'
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    The Prince Thread.

    Fantastic. :p
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    woops of dissensus fame has a single out and new video

    Still there! Just ordered my ommmcasssettte :cool:
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    Pointless But It Makes Me Chuckle to Myself

    He's the guy from the Decline Of Western Civilisation film isn't he? I love that scene.
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    BBC World Service junk auction - nearly everything you need to start a radio station

    Had to have a very serious talk with myself about the impossibility of getting 3 large pro studio minidisc players from Bush House to Cambridge via the tube/train/bicycle.
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    David Guetta - can someone explain?

    My son's nicked the big 80s boombox from the kitchen to play all this stuff SUPER FUCKING LOUD while he's killing the undead on his PS3, but about six weeks ago he was a child. It's a nightmare.