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    Vitalic Peel Session

    peel session tonight @ maida vale. it was quite special. Vitalic played. A modest twenty-something, he slammed his Korg and whispered over the mic you get the idea of the new album (PIAS 2005), it's all in the set, which'll be archived online somewhere i was told it was the last peel...
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    LCD soundsystem - the album

    yes, they did it. LCD have delivered on the promise of losing my edge/beat connection 12". anyone who had any doubts about their ability to expand from an EP to an album can relax. it's as consistent and cohesive as that EP. I thought it might never get released, or mastered. what a relief...
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    Odb R.I.P.

    ODB Dirty Bastard R.I.P. goodbye, big baby jesus, osairis etc.. larger than life, one of the greatest cameo rappers, some one who was themselves on and off stage - FlavFlav/Kool Keith/sun-ra/mike barnes that's how I saw him. It's a loss...