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    Deep Time Deep Space - 90s techno mix

    Hi everyone, A mix of mostly 90s detroit-inspired techno - sort of thing Colin Dale used to play on his Kiss FM show. Listen and enjoy :). "][/URL] Tracklisting Jeff Mills – Keeping Of The Kept Syphon – Snowtr_ck Life – Now Darkstar – Afropean Shake – Frictional Beat No.4 The Memory...
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    Making big prints from classic music photos

    I've just moved into my new studio space and I want some A1 blow up photos of my favorite boffins so they can watch over my twiddling like some quasi-catholic iconogrophy kind of thing. Specifically this pic: ... and this one. Anything I scan or take from the net will look shite when...
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    Car hire across borders

    Anyone know of a car hire company that will let me pick up a car in Croatia and drop it off again in Italy?
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    [Sheffield] Tinnitus 2nd Birthday Friday 2nd May

    A lush oasis of pounding kickdrum mentalism in Sheffield's arid electro-house desert... Tinnitus - The Second Birthday Party Ethio Cubano, Arundel Gate, Sheffield 10 while 6 Downstairs – Techno, Hardcore Techno, Schranz, Hardtek, Very Hard Techno The DJ Producer (Rebelscum/The Third...
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    Buidings you want explore before they knock them down

    I've been dabbling in a little urban exploration of late. Sheffield, my new-ish home, certainly has a lot to offer in terms of knackered industrial buildings, as well as a huge brutalist housing estate that's currently completey empty. Anyway, here's your starter for ten: Berlin's Tempelhof...
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    Nightmare Playgrounds

    This really is genius.
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    Balearic In Barnsley

    Following Barnsley's epic victory over Chelsea in the FA Cup, south Yorkshire exploded into a spontaneous disco party that is only now just beginning to subside. Public services were overwhelmed as citizens poured onto the streets clutching towels and beach balls, demanding balearic electro-funk...
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    Dopplereffekt live in Sweden

    F***ing blinding live set from Dopplereffekt that someone posted on CBS. Don't sleep on this if you like your icy soundtrack electronics.
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    Northern Crock shareholders on their high horse Am I missing something here? The shareholders owned the bank, they appointed the management team. No one compelled them to take a government bailout and invite the treasury into thier business. If the value of the shares have...
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    Editing myspace profiles...

    Utterly tech-tard question I'm sure, but how do you get graphics and fancy colours, cool fonts etc. into your myspace profile? I can't work out how to do it in the myspace editor. Cheers all.
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    Is this the end of the Reagan/Rove right?

    Don't want to get everyone's hopes up, but... - the reaction of rightwing US pundits to John McCain's ascendency in the primaries suggests that the message of the right wing coalition is sliding into incoherence. He's an anti-abortion, foreign policy hawk. He's charismatic. By any analysis...
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    BJBX Disco Throwdown Pt II

    I did a new disco techno mix a few weeks ago, as a sequel to the electroboogie mix I did in the summer. Download here and get a bit of acid neon colour into these grey winter days. And the BJBX Disco Throwdown Pt I is re-upped here for anyone that missed it last summer. BJBX Disco Throwdown...
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    What hosting?

    Dissensians with on-line activities... who does your hosting, and are they any good? I'm a complete beginner on the net and I don't need huge bandwidth, just want a place to hold my trax, mixes and such. Cheers.
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    Joy Division... a ghost story

    I got the Paul Morley book on Joy Division for Christmas and just finished reading it. It's a compendium of all his writing on JD and other relevent pieces, with new writing linking them up and putting them in context, so that the text oscilates back and forth in time. It's the most personally...
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    K and the inter-'nuum transition point

    Just read Blackdown's piece on funky and really enjoyed it. The way it came across to me was that there's a very definite sense that London's post-UKG elite are pulling away from Dubstep, and not thinking of it as 'their' music any more. Comments about the current dubstep scene in the piece...
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    Hands up if you don't 'get' Led Zep?

    Compared to the Stooges, Black Sabbath or Funkadelic... ain't nothing special goin' on here IMO. Alright so John Bonham is a great drummer, and all thier records have very sample-able chunks of him pounding away. But the band as a whole are just *meh*. I read something recently where Bobby...
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    Incoming Junction Box product now online!

    Hi everyone, I finished off the latest lot of Junction Box tracks yesterday and I just uploaded 'em to the Junction Box myspace page. Here's the 4-1-1... Hope you all enjoy :)
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    DJs... what cartridges?

    I lost one of my venerable Stanton 500s when i moved house recently and since the other one is about 15 years old I'm gonna drop for a pair of new ones. So what's good right now in the world of DJ cartridges? I don't do loads of cutting and scratching - but I do play lots of disco and electro...
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    Noise generators get ready...

    OK, so I recently decided that I no longer needed a cassette deck - and as a precursor to getting rid of it, I've been digitizing all my hardcore tapes (that haven't been broken, chewed, trodden on or left in other people's cars). And since many dissensians are the kind of people on whom the...
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    'Nuum tracks that namecheck anywhere in the UK other than London

    Are there any? I've been racking my brain but none have fallen out so far.