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    MIKE / Ade Hakim / Standing On The Corner / Etc.

    Patty's dodged it another day to talk about the Chris Daddy Dave band again, thus we've had two board members enthuse for them (me and Webs) and two members express resistance and disbelief (Patty & Luka). They are now the: Quantifiable for it's on topic, I think Odai would agree. I know...
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    Overdue thread I promised Luka (who's probably still AWOL atm) b/c it's a group I like that feels perfectly designed to send him hurried to Vigilant Citizen in an aggressive fashion (also one of my favorite groups to follow for music in the last two years?) Concept is fairly simple, a small...
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    Those points in the day you see a sentence or a phrase and you kind of do a double take on it. Such as:
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    Why Do Millenials Hate Genre?

    "Genre doesn't exist maaaan" "I don't want to have to be bound by rules." "We get to do anything we want!" I don't need nuance here. Blurt it out baby. I know some of you are the millenials, and some of y'all are not and hate us, and some of you do both. Let's make it happen baby.
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    I Hate The Film Canon: A Thread

    Get it out folks. Get those bad opinions you've had about filmmakers all your mates really cherish out with glee and relief. I'll start. If someone were to set David Lynch or John Carpenter on fire, I'd be immensely happy. I want nothing more than to be free of everyone's obsession with...
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    So, a rap blogger recently went and posted a few amazing youtube clips in a series called "Goons Of The Industry" regarding people with music industry connections as well as criminal ties. Essential watching just for the absurdly amazing score. First off, shout out a video on youtube that...
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    "Ratchet" / R&Bass / DJ Mustard

    Biggest sound of rap/pop/R&B in the last 5 years, and I figured fuck it, dissensus needs a thread. After all, Pandiculate was asking me a bit in the rap thread about it, but every time I try to start it gets me overwhelmed with trying to be a completist since its a genuine scene and not just "DJ...
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    Pitchfork: The People's List

    So... This is going on... Anyone else got this going? Also:
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    Hip-Hop 2012

    <iframe width="560" height="315" src="" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe> I'm fairly sure this is thread-starting worthy
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    Disclaimer: I got put onto a lot of this by Elite Gymnastics mixes, (which somehow they've turned into a Pitchfork article) but holy shit... K-Pop is on some other shit these days. Granted, a majority of the production isn't anything 'inventive', it's the same shlock pouring out of the West...
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    Youtube Digging Criticism

    This is a completely random request, but has anybody seen any good writing on people who tend to dig through youtube and discover music that way, and how it affects the way they listen to music? Reynolds had an allusion to it in a interview, but I was wondering if there was anything more formal.