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    fucking baked beans slurping cum cunts

    Keep Thirdform. Ban Barty for saying all black men who don't wear balaclavas in rap videos are 'cooning'
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    fucking baked beans slurping cum cunts

    How can Luka join the EDL when he's from New Zealand?
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    fucking baked beans slurping cum cunts

    Lol @ Luka complaining about someone making dissensus all about themselves Thirdform deserves to banned for saying Craner likes indie. Craner was listening to rave when Thirdform was shitting his nappies. Bow down.
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    fucking baked beans slurping cum cunts

    If Thirdform is blind how can the cunt read and write on here? If Thirdform is blind how does the cunt know he's gay since he's doesn't know what men and women look like? Asking for Luka :x:
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    fucking baked beans slurping cum cunts

    EmpressJess is Barty. LOLLOLOLOL @ you guys thinking it's a girl or that a girl would ever post on this board. Barty is probably a paedophile.
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    Who are the best music journalists currently/ever?

    Taylor Parkes writing in When Saturday Comes is better than anything Luka could ever do. And Luka is definitely more of a drip than Clive Martin. Luka isn't even from London... he's a gay middle class guy from New Zealand LOL.
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    The Last Flowering of the Future

    Killah Priest was the last innovative rapper
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    The Last Flowering of the Future

    Barty discovered Migos after the "Bad & Bougee" song and thinks they invented a new genre by doing WOOP adlibs between their triplets LOLOLOL
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    Beer And Beer Drinking

    When tourists by the Thames first spot Woops they think it's Craner in a fedora.
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    Dissensus Blogs

    A single Craner essay is better than Luka's entire life.
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    When are you an interesting writer?

    When people burst into tears at Luka's poems it's because Luka's just handed them some fruitcake gibberish and they wish they'd got a poem from Woops instead.
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    When are you an interesting writer?

    Woops is a better poet than Luka.
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    Listen to this part 3: Intensity

    LMAO @ Luka pretending he used to go to clubs and Carnival.
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    Jordan Peterson thinks it makes sense to compare humans with lobsters

    Jordan Peterson is the poor man's Craner.
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    LOL this thread is more cringe than the ILM ones Luka used to laugh at. LOL Barty acting like a hip hop expert when he only started listening to it in 2017.
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    Tricky vs. Goldie

    obviously someone like Barty can't understand the genius of Rufige Kru Barty has aspergers, is a bedroom nerd, and has never been to a club or rave in his life.
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    5 songs to tells someone you love them

    Luka is just some sad lonely narcissist. Craner runs Dissensus.
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    Roadmanbarty's Top 20 Drills

    Wow Barty looks at black people as subhuman.
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    GRIME- breaking news, gossip, slander, lies etc

    The only thing Thirdform has ever been right about is Luke being gay.
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    Hades Presents: MJ vs. Prince

    Barty has some nerve saying he doesn't like pastiche music when he's spent the last 2 years boosting UK drill LMAO