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    Active PA Speakers

    On the cusp of a buy. Spending a grand. Turbosound Milans Mackie 350's ? Any thoughts
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    Tune ID, please.

    89/90 UK(?) house track. Stuttering (gated?) sample, big bass, slowish breakbeat "Gotta-rock-gotta-rock-gotta rock to the drum and bass" Any thoughts?
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    D&B Track ID

    I've been trying to find a D&B track that I remember hearing on Grooverider's show back in the day. It samples the four guitar notes from Pink Floyd's Shine On You Crazy Diamond. - even though it uses the same sample, because I'm pretty sure '99 was way too late. I also think it was an Amen...
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    Digital listening books

    Is it possible to buy books to listen to as digital files?
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    Cultural diplomatic immunity.

    Like David Attenborough. Who else has it?
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    Revolutionary Road

    Arrived yesterday and I'm hooked. Great suggestion. Only 30 pages in so nowt to report, as such. Will get stuck in over Christmas and report back.
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    Vinyl to MP3

    Rather a luddite question this. What kit do I need? I have a turntable and a mac book pro (and records, obviously). What if I wanted to flow tracks into one another to create single MP3 files?
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    I have a long weeekend in Florence coming up. I wonder if anybody here has any suggestions aside from Duomo/Uffizi/Ponte Veccio... Thanks Lichen
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    Newish House/Techno LP's I should own

    My listening habits don't allow for 12"s. So: I've picked up the Pantha du Prince album on Dial and I love it. I have the Mattius Aguayo album too. Theo Parrish's Sound Sculptures Vol 1 is one its way to me. I have a taste for the melifluous and melodic. Where next?
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    Simple Question

    Will a 320 kbs MP3 (fresh from JUNO) sound acceptable over a 1k rig?
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    Dub Synesthesia

    In response to the Dub Scale thread in music: Part One: Smells 1. Bleach 2. Toothpaste 3. ? 4 Lemons 5. ? 6. ? 7. Mulled Wine 8.? 9.Linseed oil 10. Could this thread possibly go anywhere?
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    Veg Watch

    In already: First early new pots (Anya). Anticipating bumper crop like last year. No real worries here. Little Gem lettuces (from seed). Rabbits a real threat. Am I just laying on a buffet for them? Drove tractor-mower 1/2 mile on public road to fetch manure this morning after last year's...
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    A small sound system

    How would one go about putting together a small sound system for outdoor use....nothing LOUD...but punchy, clear, etc Where should I look, what should my budget be?
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    I'm staying with friends in South Africa. We're under seige by a troop of Baboons. Twice I've found the alpha male crouched on the kitchen counter working his way through the fruit bowl. Despite being threatened with a large stool and shouted at, he will not leave until he's polished off the...
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    In need of a page turner or two

    12 hour flight coming up so in need of a wicked page-turner to pass any time not spent grappling with children. To paraphrase Kingsley Amis: If the opening words aren't "A shot rang out...." I'm not interested.
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    Total Lunar Eclipse 20:18 GMT, 3.3.07

    Only sulight that's filtered through the earth's atmosphere will hit the moon, lending it a reddish, Martain glow. Perhaps a chink in the clouds will give us Brits a glimpse.
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    American Pastoral

    I'm nearing the end of this and it's torn into me in a way no other book has before. As a father and part of a family its frightening. As someone who's always valued comfort and been non-confrontational its sobering Generally it/s put the wind up me. Anyone else have a similar or very...
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    Where's the acid party?

    Venturing out :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) :) A friend and I are in the conceptual phase of planning a night out. I haven't been to a nightclub of any note in at least 10 years. We're partly inspired by the glut of fine house music and techno that's about. Paul Meme's recent...
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    Beeb on a Mac

    Can't work this out. Got a new Mac. Got R. Plyr. Got winders plyr. Can't watch the beeb. Dull as ditchwater i know, but somebody throw me a bone.
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    Michael Eavis caged my dog

    having found her wandering lost on Worthy Farm today. We are pleased to have her back. Funny old day I've had. Woebot is right, pets are emotionally draining.