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    Tohoku earthquake fundraisers

    Thought it might be worth sharing albums etc. as we come across things? Nihon Kizuna This one's 50 tracks of beats/bass stuff, almost 4 hours!? Kode 9, On Ra, Om Unit, Slugabed, heaps of JP stuff I hadn't heard before, etc.... For Nihon This one's not out yet, but...
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    Heard that Gucci Mane mix thing w/ Wiley, Scratcha DVA, HudMo, Toddla T, Rustie, etc?

    It's a free download if you give up your email (although you can unsubscribe immediately) Gucci Time (Feat. Swizz Beats) (Sinden Remix Feat. Tinchy Stryder) Brand New (Rustie Remix) Party Animal (Hudson Mohawke Remix) It’s Alive (Feat. Swizz...
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    Dissensus without Youtube clips

    So, of course I'd never check Dissensus from work, but there are some occasions when computers I use regularly don't allow streaming Flash stuff... so no Youtube clips. It's quite intriguing what proportion of threads contain a whole lot of blank posts... Some threads there's certainly no...
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    What's Sun Araw like live?

    Yo, nerds from the hypnagogic pop thread, any thoughts on the topic? He's coming down under... He? They?
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    Remix I did up on Boomkat - Fat Freddy's Drop - The Raft (Jet Jaguar Remix)

    Hey all, I did a remix for a local act called Fat Freddy's Drop, which I'm pretty proud of. It's a digital-only thing, but if you buy the 7" from them directly you get my mix as part of a download package thrown in...
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    The Mount Kimbie album

    Thoughts? I like it a lot, so am trying to avoid the hype. It's not amazing, not my favourite release I've heard in the past 12 months or anything, but I do reckon it's a very solid debut. It reminds me a lot of laidback electronic listening stuff from about 10 years ago. I don't know if I...
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    Colour grading = movie equivalent of the volume wars?

    So there's a common complaint regarding popular music that everything's getting mastered increasingly loud, usually referred to as the volume war or loudness war. I was thinking the other day that using computers to grade the images in contemporary film seems like a similar complaint /...
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    Kode 9 DJ Kicks

    Anyone seen the tracklist for this? Curious what's on it. Out next month.
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    Kohei Nawa reminds me of the animals described in The Crystal World

    Well, this stuff with beads. Check some out... Even the blurb at the page describing the effect he's seeking sounds like Ballard.
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    Ceelo mixed by Dabrye

    I mentioned this new, free compilation in the wonky thread, but this particular tune is the stand-out and I reckon worth its own thread. Not much going on, not much to say about it, but it's just right, I reckon. Most of the...
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    New, free EP

    Woogly downtempo stuff. Jet Jaguar - My Life In The Bush Out The Back Of My Place Any comments welcome.
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    Which odd band sampled 'The Message' back in the day?

    It's driving me nuts, have heard some weird instrumental with samples of Grandmaster Flash in it, but can't remember who it's by. The Residents? Nurse With Wound? Someone superficially unlikely-sounding.
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    Geoff Barrow (Portishead) new band

    Called Beak> ... The mp3s are sounding interesting interesting enough. Free download here: Listen and buy downloads here: I dunno, not groundbreaking at all, but I do like that he's happily knocking about with different shit...
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    Ambient jungle = best dance music ever

    In the Woebot thread someone linked to a FACT interview with the man, where he says: As a soft-cock from way back, I was pretty impressed by someone's willingness to say this. For all the talk of stuff like "feminine pressure" there does still seem to be this desire for shit to be (only) tuff...
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    How did old Harmonizers / Pitch-shifters work?

    So pitchshifters like Eventide's old Harmonizer have been around for decades. Old octave pedals for guitars, likewise. How did the earliest ones work? Have they always used sampling / granular synthesis technology? I got the feeling the earliest ones must be analogue, based on their age...
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    DJ Koze and his psychedelic techno

    Been really enjoying DJ Koze's 'Reincarnations', collected remixes on Get Physical. I think it's a lot stronger than his collections of original stuff. He tends to do stuff with pitch-bent or unstable sounds, a lot of sped up or slowed down voices, reversed bits and a distinctive mix of...
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    Flying Lotus mix of Kanye

    Download here: Liking it, actually... two artists I think of as fine but not great making something pretty great... Hate lots of stuff on RCRDLBL, including their name, but still stick on the...
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    Byrne & Eno - Everything That Happens Will Happen Today

    So there's a new David Byrne & Brian Eno album. Physical CDs aren't out yet, and only available via their website, which may be part of why there's not much talk of this. Very much snuck up on me. It's by no means a follow up to 'My Life In the Bush of Ghosts', music-wise... just a bunch of...
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    Cassetteboy vs The Streets

    OK, have to admit this had me laughing out loud.
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    Wordsound connected to theAgriculture?

    In the thread on Sensational some were asking after what happened to Wordsound, to illbient stuff. I always thought these guys took over where Wordsound left off: Dunno if there's a connection in terms of who runs it. That new DJ Rupture comp /...