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  1. woops


    99.999% of the time I scroll past the youtube clips on this forum. Im here for the text really and I rarely have headphones with me or whatever, and even when I do I can't get excited about what people are posting (reasons entirely of my own by the way, not an indictment of people posting...
  2. woops

    post the view from your window

    lockdown special. kebab shop and mosque, very new 5g tower just visible at left pillar box and cute old VW bug style car out of shot at the bottom over to you?
  3. woops

    Sonic sound Synthesis

    Tonight at 8 we inaugurate a new program on the Neon Hospice all about music made on modular synths. Each week we will present recordings made by a top player of these strange instruments For the first instalment we have Design a Wave of Alien Jams fame in a double bill with me aka Extractor...
  4. woops

    oMMM - re animator vol 1

    fans are begging for the re-release of the album re animator vol 1 by underground artist oMMM but few are aware many of the tracks are already freely available in video form the gifted director 4eva nao has vanished into the ether but before doing so he made the following visual accompaniments...
  5. woops

    optimise the forum

    delete everything except "exquisite bits in jungle" and start again
  6. woops

    extractor fan & sufi @ paradox house 10/11/20

    custom spontaneous hypnotic dematerialised psychedelic anti-aphantasic outsider art installation sound and vision by two of this forum's finest
  7. woops

    DJ Negative Skills modular mix on the Neon Hospice

    all synthesis, all the time.
  8. woops

    Dissensus culture bunker

    The palace of knowledge and pleasure
  9. woops

    exploits of woops while homeless

    this thread will be a brief account of some of the stuff i got up to while homeless in london in 2014.
  10. woops

    flash crash

    right it was mentioned in a thread on here, can't remember which, that most finance trades are done in microseconds by computers and that could cause a crash faster than humans can control it, which is called a "flash crash". all that is true. i spoke to a finance consultant today about it and...
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    Extractor Fan at More Kicks than Friends

    I've recorded some music for the online micro-festival More Kicks than Friends which will be broadcast this Saturday at 5 with visuals by the incredibly gifted Zali Krishna. The streaming site is here
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    Extractor Fan at the Neon Hospice

    Extractor Fan plays electron sound from basement planet Live in the internet
  13. woops

    dematerialisation in literature

    who was the last novelist? obviously joyce or pynchon / delillo might have squeezed in as he was leaving. or maybe DFW? fragmenting the novel form into endless footnotes and endnotes, ventriloquising every voice he could get his hands on, complicated plotting that leads to addiction or suicide...
  14. woops

    rhythm basics thread

    "What does Barty (or woops) know? He doesn't get rhythm. He's not sensual. When it comes to the art of house drum programming, you can't beat the US. It's the hi hats and the snares. Placement. Timing. Dynamics. Sound design. So much finesse. Different level of sophistication. Tell him from me...
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    thousandth post

    viva dissensus
  16. woops

    Phrase Origin

    Hot off the press in a hand-numbered edition of 100. Word Trade 7
  17. woops

    i hate sigs

    clogging up the forum with crap blokey in-jokes just sayin' :poop:
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    Birthday Party

    i'm gonna toss a spectacular party... and i want to see everyone inside! (especially the sexy people) it's going to be very big. so get you're glad rags washed and pressed! check out this tasteful selection of glamorous djs... Hi-Fi Sadist (pre 2005 grime set) DJ Bignose DJ Dog (rap set) DJ...
  19. woops

    Who will next dissensus poster to hang an extreme right?

    Who will follow the increasingly well-trodden path to Nickland?
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    and happy birthday barty in time for next year. 2019 international year of 2019!!!