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    Walking in the city

    haha! happens to me most days, just existing. usually ends up in me being branded a 'creep'. good times.
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    Walking in the city

    this quote has haunted me for a while now, what book is it from?
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    Pointless But It Does My Head In

    i'll just left this here
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    Hip-Hop 2012

    No mentions of the new El-P, 'Cancer for Cure'?! been playing this all week.
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    what you currently enjoying ? had this on loop for the past week. mook life!
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    wasn't he going to do a song with Andre 3000 at one point? where's that?
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    Films you've seen recently and would unreservedly recommend:

    worth a watch if you're interested in south african thuglife. kenyan sci-fi eh? name? can anyone recommend some other good african films? preferably made by africans, and with 'unconventional' techniques.
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    Films you've seen recently and would unreservedly recommend:

    yeah I've seen it. I'd never heard about till you mentioned it. It does seem as if it hasn't been promoted at all in the west. From the credits, which I vaguely remember, seems like the whole thing was made by some french crew. The narrative and editing are certainly very western. Yeah, great...
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    most unpleasant lyrical slang in the world...EVER?

    cam'ron's got to be one the worst offenders in this category: 'your moms buy heroin, with no hands, I'm smackin' her' 'welcome to the wildlife, daamn you got a foul wife, - i picked up her up from karaoke and pilates class, she likes to deep throat, me I call it it lolly gag, y'all niggas...
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    wonderful graffiti

    mind blowing. it's all there; good outline, use of colour, galactic theme, brilliant sense of depth. funny how graf has evolved since montana and belton began making paint specifically for the act/art of graffiti, which has led to pieces like this.
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    Songs about mental illness -- suggestions please

    kool keith - mental side effects cage - in stoney lodge
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    4 Stars (or: The reviewing of art vs. the art of reviewing) fake ghostface blogger reviews modern hip hop records. funniest reviews I've read in a while. This is art in itself.
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    TV Heads-Up Thread

    it was....ok. typical kind of storyline, alright twists. a bit hollow overall.
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    ¿dissensus playlist? new el-p that i've had on loop for the past couple days. dystopian hip hop.
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    TV Heads-Up Thread

    top boy is on c4 tomorrow night at ten - looks like another hood drama. should be a few grime cameos in at least.
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    Death Grips

    dope. can't understand a single fucking word of it tho.
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    late 90s tech-step

    So is anyone into Phace then? They're kind of an advanced Ed Rush and Optical, - highly polished, minimal, articulated neurofunk.
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    hip hop '10

    With an output as high as his - he's bound to hit some real high points and make some decent tracks Has anyone seen this documentary, The Carter? It follows him around while he tours, before the release of the Carter 3. He comes across like a spoilt...