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    I want to watch something funny

    I'd like to watch some funny movies. Suggest me some? Assume I haven't seen even some of the most obvious of comedy picks. But my favorites are *Blazing Saddles,* *Groundhog's Day,* Caddyshack, Ghostbusters, Stranger than Paradisse, and Withnail & I. Spinal Tap too. And that is all the reall...
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    I wanna know the best jungle tracks. im a teenager in america so i totally missed out on the whole of jungle. Actually i would rather you not tell me the "best" tracks because i don't want to limit myself ie i want to make up my own mind. so just give me a jumping off point.
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    what's their BEST stuff? which should records should I buy? which ones should i avoid?
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    Neutral milk hotel

    did/does anyone here like them? my friend, who i consider to have an excellent taste in music, says both of their LPs make him vomit. yet I love both of them and I think Aeroplane over the sea is easily the greatest record of all time. It is sort of an indescribable feeling i get, especially...