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    My Own Privatised Idaho

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    True Detective

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    Censorship, Surveillance & Apathy

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    Manhunter (1986)

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    Anti-Gay Marriage Protests in France

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    Dirty Girls (Documentary)

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    Antibiotic Resistance

    Some alarming news popping up recently about this & the lack of new antibiotics since 1987. I think the headline "Antibiotics resistance 'as big a risk as terrorism' " is a bit ott although realistically it's probably a bigger threat than terrorism.
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    Thomas Pynchon

    I had a look through the forum to see if there was some sort of Pynchon thread where I could post this but I couldn't find one. I've seen a few other people talking about him on here so it's probably not a bad idea to have a Pynchon thread. Anyway...
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    The Act of Killing (2012)

    The Act of Killing
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    Unicorn Lair 'Discovered' in North Korea

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    Naomi Elizabeth

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    thanks, man.

    thanks, man.
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    Peter Cook & Chris Morris - Why Bother?

    God, this is good. Stumbled on it last night. Can't believe I hadn't heard of it sooner.
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    what you currently enjoying ?

    wonder if the fly lo video is a homage to photek 'ni ten ichi ryu'
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    Hip-Hop 2012

    Clearly massively influenced by/jacking araabmuzik but it's wicked...
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    Roiling football blather

    roll the window down lad...
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    Hip-Hop 2012

    ODB's FBI file
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    Roiling football blather

    Could be interesting. Liverpool aren't far from trouble these days, are they? -
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    Roiling football blather

    Kompany's red was a poor decision. He went in two footed but he got the ball and didn't make any contact with Nani. Should have seen a yellow. Obviously two footed tackles are dangerous but to send him off 12 minutes into a knockout stage match for that was pretty harsh...