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    classical music

    I'm not being racist, but classical music is so white boy...its had implications that run deep. Now this is not saying its badly made music...musically its very into superior as u wish...ya see meh?
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    Grime-where did it all go wrong?

    Agreed - you either gotto be a Tricky or a Massive Attack and come thru as a rapper like that, or Slick Rick who actually moved to the States.
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    Grime-where did it all go wrong?

    how do u know its gone wrong? I have no particular interest in grime...i think its filled with egotistical idiots...but how can u say its gone down - what makes people think that?
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    IRAQ: Musicians become targets in rising atmosphere of intolerance

    try and track down a documentary down by renowned indo-phile and a good friend, mr. william darylymple...i can't remember the name but it was on tv a while ago, about sufi music around the world...and the wahabi restrictions on this in some countries...quite interesting
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    IRAQ: Musicians become targets in rising atmosphere of intolerance

    I'm Muslim and I'm fuckin fedup with these Wahabi, hardline pieces of shit. There is so much islamic music...there is nothing at all saying its illegal...
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    Can anyone rap?

    nope. truly an art, respect to those who can
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    modern Arabic and other fusion seems like a concise site for fusion
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    modern Arabic and other fusion

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    modern Arabic and other fusion

    there are pockets of brilliance but for some reason ethnic music as stated above gets dumped in compilations so artists dont really emerge as individual entities, ya see me?
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    modern Arabic and other fusion

    India is not getting into fusion but rather remixes of old songs and its massive. Take a bollywood singer, remix the vocals with some cheesy bhangra or house beat and you've got yourself a number1 hit out there. for arabic - Khaled...all the fuckin way.
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    Kitchens of Distinction thread

    jesus! blast from the past, remember seeing them play reading in 1992
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    what are some good resources for world music? for Indian/Pakistani/Subcontinental fusionary stuff
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    GRUNGE! Discuss

    grunge the staple diet of english public school boys in the early 90's until we discovered drugs and dance music!!
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    Indian Music Recommendations

    well u know, us oriental types from the subcontinent, we crazy! haha
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    Indian Music Recommendations

    pakistan was india until the partition. so yes nusrat did come from pakistan. but i hardly see it like that - its sufi has no geographical boundaries...the only small thing that may give away his pakistani background is that he sang in punjabi alot.... muslim-indian music - zakir...
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    Indian Music Recommendations

    See if you can hunt down the soundtrack for a classic film called: umrao jaan - by muzzafar ali of lucknow...early avadhi nawabi feeling to it...a purple patch for brilliant music. soundtrack to MF Husain's recent film - i think A.R Rehman was on the buttons is brilliant too. being muslim im...
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    DUBSTEP- breaking news, gossip, slander, lies etc

    i play mainly on cd. its not as good as acetate but it does the job on the right systems there's always a financial constraint, but its true more music needs to be made available of a wide variety because bpm-wise alot of different scenes are able to drop this stuff and for sheer sales, thats a...
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    The GAY rapper/HIPHOP question

    russel simmons is rumoured to be a pillow biter
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    DJ Top 100 2005

    mainstream dnb now is pants...all about technicality and headz