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    You're on Next - Radio Documentary

    Long time coming, this features interviews with various DJs working in London. It documents how they got involved in the vibrant free party scene and recalls their experiences and allows them to articulate their craft. Anyone who was there 'avinit should listen, anyone who's ever DJ'd should...
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    Resonance104.4FM - 8th Birthday Fundraising Marathon Auction - Sat 1st Sun 2nd May

    FUND RAISING BIRTHDAY MARATHON Resonance104.4fm is Eight Years Old! Tune in this weekend and support us when Resonance104.4fm celebrates its 8th anniversary with a Fund Raising Birthday Marathon on Saturday 1st May and Sunday 2nd May 2010, noon to midnight each day. Anchored by Jonny Trunk...
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    File sharing and music culture

    Guardian article on file sharing This article was in the business section so it has that emphasis but has this hysterical comment at the end > Like somehow if the music industry fails there will be no music culture. :rolleyes: I guess it begs the question what should a music industry really...
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    Adverse Camber @ Corsica Studios - Thursday 4th June

    ZAN LYONS | CLOAKS | DEAD FADER | JOHN WALL | LEE GAMBLE | WRONGSPEED | DIODE 8pm-2am Thursday 4th June Corsica Studios, Elephant Road, Elephant & Castle Tube Station, London.
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    Brackout - Sat 25th April - The Foundry, Old Street

    "To honour the late great Ben Bracket, the london scene he loved has put together an evening!! Expect 7 hours of RAVEolving dance floor back 2 back mayhem from the crews that brought you UGLYFUNK, PLEX, COIN OP, SUB, RAG N BONE, COMBAT, DON'T, VICTIM and more!!!!full line up and flyer to...
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    Abandoned London

    London on Xmas Day reminds me of 28days later, London like you've never seen it.
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    Vinyl Pleasures 22nd Nov - The Foundry

    Slightly incestuous lineup. It's a decks on the piano vinyl extravaganza with a very broad musical spectrum all evening. Bands downstairs also, more info later here >Foundry website
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    Squat Monsters Ball - Scumoween

    Anyone make it to this colossal party? (a warehouse the size of 2 football pitches) The biggest loudest squat do i've been to ever i guess. There were so many rigs that there was something for everyone. It goes to show that these things can still happen. A healthy amount of dubstep...
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    on the London FM dial ?

    Just thought i'd see if anyone is hearing any good stuff these days on the London pirate FM dial, I've just tuned to about 100.3FM which in theory should be classic FM but seems to be a mix of new 2step, dirty dubstep and just about everything in between. The MC has just stepped off the set of...
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    Notting Hill Carnival '08

    Anyone popping down this year. Just saw this map from the council, seem to be some 'Vacant' gaps this year sound-system wise. Not that it's gonna a be quiet or anything :p Sound System map
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    Robert Rauschenberg RIP

    Just saw this, a giant of American art. Always found him very inspiring when I was younger. I always saw his 'combine' , that of the cultural 'flatbed' work , as predating collage and sampling that followed in music.
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    redZEROradio vs UglyFunk Sat 3rd May 2008 @ The Foundry

    Thought this might be of interest to the Dissensus possee. It's free and it's a bank holiday w/e Features a load of people from our radio show and rare appearance from Berliner Hanno (Aeox). There'll big bass heavy rig downstairs pumping dubstep & tekno and djs in the bar too. The Foundry...
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    Saturdays on Resonance104.4FM

    Apologies for self promotion but just thought i'd point this out, especialy as Soul Jazz are doing a tasty 80's dancehall special right now! The Saturday schedule has never looked better. 13:30 Nostalgie Ya Mboka - Ace african music from Congo & elsewhere 14:30 Max Tundra's Rotogravure -...
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    Reynolds on planet-mu

    Anyone seen this article? interesting point about how this once electronica label somehow keeps rave energy alive. 10 Tons Heavy review
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    Decibel Breach archives - Resonance104.4FM

    The Decibel Breach show is back on air finally broadcasting in central london saturdays at midnight. We've had some class mixes already. Decibel Breach blog Not so much 'listen again' as more audio assault in some cases but we like to keep things hard. The previous series is also linked to...
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    Pirate Flava / DJ Wrongspeed - Online Archive

    Prompted by some external interest, now all the highly collectable CDs have been sold long ago, it was high time to archive. Think back to 2002, to the heady , chaotic days of the early Grime scene, baffling gameboy bleeps & more importantly those bonkerz ads for hairdressers down the Old Kent...
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    Digital City(RezFM Benefit) 28th July 2007 - Corsica Stds

    Digital City returns for our annual indoors and outdoors mid-summer audio-visual bash at Corsica Studios, SE1 on Saturday 28th July. All door proceeds go to keeping Resonance FM broadcasting the freshest independent music across the London airwav Plaid (live/dj set) Shut Up & Dance Dub Kult...
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    Temporary Autonomous Art week - 16-19th May

    See website for more info, the exhibition features the London Breakbeat Orchestra on saturday, huge space, worth popping in too, stuff going up throughout the next few days Temporary Autonomous Art week> [T]emporary [A]utonomous [A]rt [LONDON] 4 days of gallery, performance, music, film and...
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    ResonanceFM benefit gigs - 13-20th Feb

    Good News: we've upped the signal & antenna recently, can you hear us now? Bad News: As you will have undoubtedly already heard we are desperately short of funding this year and without your help we will not be able to continue providing the best radio station in the world. Our immediate...
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    Cyber Chutney Arse Duck Show - ResonanceFM

    Well just to let u know about this mad radio on ResonanceFM that is now available for podcast, i larf alot coz i know them , please let me know what u think cyber chutney arse duck show subscribing to the podcast would great if you can be bovered.