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    New Yorker's top 100

    Hi guys Would anyone would be interested in a top 100 from me. It's a dyed in the wool house list which I feel strongly about. I've been reading a bunch of the threads here for the first time since a couple years ago and I'm inspired by the energy of the debate. I used to listen to a lot of UK...
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    Derek Bailey

    does anyone listen to him? he's not very well known in america but seems to be a seminal figure in some ways. I'm wondering what the general impression of his music is on this board
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    about the tunes of people who've djed for a while but have no records? what do they sound like?
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    hypnagogic ferraro 90s thread?

    Hi all, I was wondering if anyone could point me to a thread that used to be on here (been searching for it), a thread that compiled a lot of digital corporate-ish, 80s/90s music, the song/video I was searching for in particular was this cheaply animated thing of a penguin sort of figure...