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    So says this guy
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    American Juggalo

    stumbled across this and it's amazing (great to see something out of my usual zone). funny how they all mention family (collective) yet also being yourself (individual). the family stuff almost seems like what you'd expect from woodstock or the hippy movement.
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    Dan Hancock on afrobeats (not afrobeat). I was really into Ice Prince "Oleku" last year but admit I just figured an African act had finally found a way through the major label channels.
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    Essential early jungle compilations?

    Recently I've bought a few early (pre-95) jungle compilations I'd not heard and loved them. Great for the car. AWOL Grooverider Hardstep Selection vol 1 Drum & Bass selection vol 1 I also bought the Omni Trio album "The Deepest Cut". Can anyone recommend some other compilations from this...
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    Mods! Spam alert in the footer of every thread :(
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    Deserves own thread. LP kick off interview with 9.
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    Pitchfork column here.
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    greatest vinyl bargain

    about 5 years ago i found Goldie's Terminator EP on Synthetic Hardcore for 75p in an Essex charity shop. What's yours? The winner is the one with the greatest value now/price paid ratio. £30/£0.75 puts the opening benchmark at 40 :)
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    James Blake

    - untold stop what you're doing remix - the bells sketch - saying - Mount Kimbie maybes remix - harmonimixes of destiny's child, mala, pev and so many more - R&S vocal album i've got a very good feeling about this guy!
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    DJ Magic mix CD

    Grime mixtape of the year to date no question. Badness over Duppy refix, Frisco over Mastersteps, Lee Brasco's tour of Bow over LWiz, Next Hype, RSMD, Frisco doing the "i was raised on Skibba, Shabba..." bars in the intro... nuts!
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    Rufige Crew and Reinforced reissues crikey, and i paid a fortune for Parallel Universe (but only 75p in an essex charity shop for Terminator 12"... vinyl karma). anyone know if these will come out on CD too?
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    UKG track ID

    been checking Rinse Oneman B2B with Brackles from 25th of feb and there's a garage track at 1h 30m that I want to ID, comes in just before MJ Cole and Rodney P. vocal sample goes: "that you've been, no no, that you've playin' around... i don't need... " any idea which one it is?
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    Rampin Shop

    Anyone know where i can buy or aquire a wav or failing that a hi res mp3 of "Rampin Shop."
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    The press release hall of shame thread

    I see you... "Dear Martin We are band Longital from the Central Europe, trying to change the world by playing music." Who can raise me?
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    why doesnt anyone else bother blogging anymore? twitter and facebook aren't a substitute. dan hancox, mel b, paul autonomic - i'm calling you out! boomnoise: great start, now what? i'm not even mentioning ex stars like chantelle fiddy, kid kameleon, hyperfrank, gutter (kinda). what's going on!
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    Alexander Nut's own thread

    Rinse:08 CD ---> Alex's smashed it. To bits. Who's reaching FWD>> this sunday w/Joker, Harmonic 313 and Yunx?
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    High quality vinyl shelves

    Bang crash my entire vinyl collection inc dubs just imploded randomly last night, taking out the light switch, smashing my photos and amazingly not breaking any records. Turns out Ikea vinyl shelves cant actually handle vinyl and are stuffed with cardboard honeycomb. not the one. anyone know...
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    The end of Woebot

    Sad news. There's no one out there quite like it blogging ("oh i think i'll just take on the whole of jazz today..."). And as for Dissensus, I'm not sure my sanity can take relying on any other forum. Comeback Woebot all is forgiven!
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    Sample spot

    who sampled the intro of this? Part of me wants to say Redman ...
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    Busy Signal

    Am loving "Private Number." Anyone know when his LP is due out?