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    techno track ID request

    Hi there, does anyone know what this track is? It's taken from a Dave Clarke I Love Techno 1999 mix much obliged :D <object height="81" width="100%"> <param name="movie"...
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    art blogs

    Can anyone point me in the direction of any blogs with reviews, critiques and news covering the contemporary art scene? cheers
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    Cunty Beats Battle Mix

    Pestario - Cunty Beats Battle Mix I've put together a mix of Vogue house/Cunt beats battle tracks. These are tracks used in the underground voguing scene in the US. Voguing is a form of dance that originated in the black and latino gay community in New York and later in other major US cities...
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    late 90s tech-step

    Can anyone point me toward some mixes/artists/albums of late 90s tech-step/no u-turn style stuff. You know, the really stripped down robotic dnb which 'killed' the scene. I've been listening to Wormhole by Ed Rush and Optical and basically want more :mad: cheers:)
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    Rhythm sense

    What determines how well someone can follow or catch a rhythm? What makes it easy for some people to nod along to grime but hard for others for example? Why can't some people even clap along to house? This is a topic which has occupied my mind for a long time. My shallow dive into wikipedia has...