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    Selling an entire record collection

    I'm probably coming back to London again in October for a week or two before 95 per cent likely moving to Beirut for a year or two in early 2010. My record collection is in storage at the moment and I need to get it out of there because 1) it's quite expensive, 2) I don't need it, 3) I can't...
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    Wordpress/CSS design services

    Hi all, coming out of exile for a few minutes to ask if anyone here happens to be competent or, better yet expert, at Wordpress or CSS design, or knows someone who is. I'm trying to put a website together at the moment using Wordpress. It's almost there, but I need some customisation doing and...
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    Leaving England, ergo Dissensus for a while

    Hi all, just thought I'd let you know that I'm leaving the country and heading off to take a newspaper job in a strange oil-rich Emirate for a while. This is not something that I ever imagined that I'd actually do do until about six weeks ago, but I get on the plane early on Friday morning and...
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    When did it become legal to marry a canoe?

    Never mind the life insurance fraud, it's this that's shocking to me. Front page of the Mail today is "How canoe mother's lies left her sons crushed". WIfe of canoe, mother of canoe? Make your mind up.
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    ableton tutorial

    does anyone in london use ableton as a djing interface? i've just acquired ableton live 7 and really want to learn how to use it. if anyone here has a good knowledge base and would be willing to give me a face to face tutorial, i'd be ridiculously grateful as i can't really make head or tail of...
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    PC games

    I've just been forced to buy a swanky new laptop coz my other one blew up, literally, losing a ton of work and other stuff into the bargain. the upside is that i now have a computer with a huge screen, a good soundcard and lots of memory. can anyone recommend any good games, especially on the...
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    Al Green - Lay It All Down

    I am disappointed that more people aren't talking about this album. It's fantastic.
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    new york may 11 to 24

    I'm going to be in town - anything good happening as regards shows, nights etc?
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    2562 - Aerial

    I think this could end up being one of my favourite albums of 2008. Certainly is so far... Anyone else heard it? Thoughts? It's quite excellent. Bridges the techno/dubstep gap more effectively than anyone has yet. More rounded and skippy than most minimal these days and a hell of a lot more...
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    Nandos [split from disssensus drinks thread]

    there is absolutely nothing wrong with nandos . anyone who objects to nandos 1) obviously can't taste things because any brand of peri peri chicken is delicious 2) is a walking middle-class cliche 3) is a total snob 4) is a racist. i rest my case
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    riko - the truth

    anyone got this yet? on first listen last night, it's really rather good.
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    Dalston/Stokey tonight...

    Ok, so where and when is the question. I might not actually be able to make it, thanks to a ton of work, but all being well I'll make it down for at least a quick (and necessary) one or two before last orders. I've heard rumours of the Daniel defoe on Church Street... Who's coming etc...
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    Rinse 02 - Skream

    I know I often complain about dubstep but I have absolutely nothing bad to say about this at all. In fact, it's one of the best records of any kind that I've heard all year. Maybe because I'm in an absolutely foul mood at the moment, but it's almost exactly what I want to hear - totally fierce...
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    1000 albums to hear before you die in The Guardian Be interested to see how this develops, but so far I have to say that I'm pretty impressed. Plenty of standard canonical stuff, which there is nothing wrong with and is only to be expected (this is a list of 1,000...
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    Pushing Daisies

    Read a New Yorker review of this TV show at the weekend and thought I'd download a couple of episodes and give it a try - after all, the piece in question mentioned sumptuous use of colour a la Edward Scissorhands, Twin Peaks style weirdness and lots of other things I like. While it's not great...
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    I watched every single episode of the sopranos in just over six weeks

    Anyone else ever do this? It's a pretty jarring process with The Sopranos, because of the years between the series and the way that you see the characters grow old incredibly rapidly — like those sped up films of blooming flowers etc— but it's also a pretty great way of watching TV because it...
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    vaguely WOOFAH-related beers, Hackney, Wednesday

    [JE EDIT - MOVED FROM WOOFAH THREAD IN MUSIC FORUM INNIT] well, i completely flaked on a contribution i was supposed to make but it'll come in the next one. still, i feel sort of involved so i reckon that we should have a celebration beer or two at...
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    tell me everything you know about music in cairo...

    i'm going to cairo in july and am looking for places to go and check out good music, i'd like to check out some serious classical stuff but would also be very into going somewhere where people dance to plasticky super-poppy shaabi - the kind if stuff hesham abbas and all those dudes do. I'd like...
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    People who buy massive job lots of CDs

    Hey folks, I'm planning on moving across the atlantic sometime soon, possibly permanently but for at least 12 months. I've got quyite a lot of gear and don't want to pay for storage so am going to sell pretty much everything I own, chiefly music and mainly CDs after I've ripped the ones I want...