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    This is an escalation without precedent in the terrorist war waged by...Hamas"

    Israel eyes wider Gaza sweep (Reuters) Bah! Give me a break. I noticed there wasn't a thread up for the discussion of this horrific Israeli war of pretense. All I have to say is that as Israel keeps this up, as they attempt to strip any human attribute from the palestinians, they create...
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    Biology without Biopolitics?

    So I've been reading alot of 'thinkers of the biopolitical', for lack of a less ugly term: Foucault, Agamben, Hardt&Negri. The biopolitical argument is a potent one, historically and theoretically it would seem. I think there is little doubt that the power of sovereignty, capital, empire...
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    Why Conspiracy Theories?

    Hope this isn't too much flamebait for a first post, but here goes... Why bother entertaining 'conspiracy theories'? Besides the obvious stigma attatched to calling something a conspiracy theory (i.e. own over 20 copies of Catcher in the Rye, etc.), what value do these theories really hold...