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    Tricky vs. Goldie

    as far as tricky, i liked that angels with dirty faces more than the first two. but i like the album with muggs and dame grease even more. much more interesting than the crumbling, barely there mono-mood (might need to relisten with less biased ears) of most of his earlier stuff. some of it i...
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    Top 10 Hip-Hop LPs of the 2010s

    been doing a bit of catching up (this decade seems so long ago many of these albums i thought were older than they are), but mine would probably be: armand hammer - rome/paraffin (still like these guys but doubt they will ever get better than this - still not heard haram yet though) chris crack...
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    Japanese Ambient Muzak

    a long while ago, kode 9 did a special radio show on rinse fm where he played pretty much only japanese ambient music. long shot but would anyone have this show or know where to find it? i googled but came up with nothing.
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    New Rap

    the hooks on simz' songs ive heard have been superb. shame about the rapping.
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    We are Lady Parts

    i loved it. shame it was only 6 episodes though. felt like it needed more to it to flesh it out.
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    We are Lady Parts

    good series. :LOL:
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    weird. what is the point even? big tune though. i had a slightly ambivalent r/ship with most dubstep tbh but this one was pretty lethal. wonder how well these digital DLs of tracks 15 years after the fact do actually. do people think oh wow, really need to get that on the hard drive then stare...
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    artists who you love for one album/song but have no desire to listen to anything else of theirs

    i find i have this a lot now. i used to be a bit of a nerdy completist (something i was reminded of when recently selling lots of old stuff in my collection which i realised i never actually played or at least have no memory of). but maybe due to music scarcity turning into overwhelming music...
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    Joni Mitchell worship thread

    in case this wasnt posted -
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    new dean blunt

    good work. thanks.
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    nothing tells you that you are a semi/formerly hip 40 year old more than anniversary reissues of post dubstep albums.
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    Why I'm leaving Mumford and Sons

    "that is not being talked about." brilliant that so many people like this guy are here to speak the unspoken! actually i mis read the original post lol. this is just one of those 'leaving the band magnanimously to save the band' type things. presumably to avoid controversy while in the process...
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    im doing it cos audio fidelity is better on cd than spotify. i could buy vinyl but a lot of modern pressings seem to be shit, and i dont feel like paying 20 or 30 a time. and im not going to subscribe to tidal for wavs or whatever it offers. might as well own it (i suppose i could fork out for...
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    i consider myself a semi hip 40 year old except i am buying cds again (old ritual rediscovered during lockdown).
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    Joni Mitchell worship thread

    living the dream.
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    new dean blunt

    waiting for a big guardian interview where dean blunt 'finally reveals all' (actually genuinely would love to read this). if anyone knows any good interviews hes done in the past, please post here.
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    new dean blunt

    weird seeing how well reviewed this one seems to be. its like when a director gets an oscar years after their best film was released. i guess people are just catching up to DB maybe? there was so much stuff he released at one point, prob easy to not be following that closely.
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    Joni Mitchell worship thread

    it lasted literally one day. i was a naive teenager and didnt know you werent meant to take gifts from customers but this old lady gave me a coloured splatter vinyl 7" and i couldnt resist it (this was before splatter vinyl seemed to be common). was dismissed that evening. gits.
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    Films You've Seen Recently and Don't Know WTF to think

    thats an accurate summary of his work.
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    Joni Mitchell worship thread

    i have a lot of her albums (there is an 80s compilation that i have that is as good as any proper album and maybe underrated in the wider scheme of joni things) but am no joni expert. that said, she has a lot of very good guitar vamps in her songs, eg help me, for which i am grateful. i once had...