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  1. echevarian

    Echevarian - Durban Poison

    Those Gqom producers do like their trance leads, yeah.
  2. echevarian

    Echevarian - Durban Poison

    Hello everyone, popping in to share a mix of Gqom and Amapiano flavors with some South African and UK Gqom mixed in. Muzi - King Shaka's Symphony Phelimuncasi - Kdala Ngiwa Ngivuka DJ Lag - Let's Do This Loktion Boyz - TYO GQOMU Da Soul Boyz - Dark Planet Mizz & Kopoy Zukar - The Golden Age...
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    The tyranny of 130 Or EQ Why? Sirr Tmo? The second generation of footwork is already putting out some crazy shit.
  4. echevarian

    The tyranny of 130 Try to keep an eye on what's going on in Pittsburgh, and like thirdform said the Brooklyn scene is pretty cool. I also have been playing a lot of stuff from footwork producers which is nuts. Anybody here like bastiengoat...
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    The tyranny of 130

    Happy to report that queer people in the midwest are making and DJing music faster than 130 that is really good.
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    Babylon Sisterr - Darkcore 2020 This is a nearly three hour mix split into two halves, the tracklisting is in the separate links. I went from around 118 to 165 BPM, I've been slowly working my way up to being...
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    Babylon Sisterr - Darkcore 2020

    I think I just found you, apologies about the delay. I am the JSAL with the avatar that's a close up shot of a succulent.
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    Babylon Sisterr - Darkcore 2020 This is a slightly slower mix of rave focused techno, breaks, dubstep and various club strains..
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    Babylon Sisterr - Darkcore 2020 This is sort of turning into a weekly mix series, or nearly every week. I missed dubstep and there are new ways of getting into mixed into other genres with some of the newer beats out there.
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    Babylon Sisterr - Darkcore 2020

    I wish I could find anything else by DJ Abstract that sounded like this.. Here's another mix I made late last week: It's mostly grime and bits of electro and dubstep.
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    Babylon Sisterr - Darkcore 2020

    A mix of older and new sounds: mostly techno, breaks and dubstep. Ghost - The Spooks Terror Danjah - Spanish Fly Nude - Inspiration Ilana Bryne - Dub Box Medicine DJ Skurge - Electrocuter Acen - Close Your Eyes (XXX Mix) Detboi...
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    JSAL - Outernational Volume 2 (Gqom, Wave, UK Funky, Grime, Batida, Techno)

    It's been a long while since I've posted, I'm guessing there may be a couple people around here that might enjoy this. Siavash Amini - Subsiding Skit - Juneau Swimful - Lonely God Liquid City Motors - Funktional Mathematiks Paul...
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    Dissensus Raw Productions
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    Hip-Hop 2012

  15. echevarian

    Hip-Hop 2012

    Anyone remember these guys? #oldmanrap
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    Hip-Hop 2012

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    Dissensus Raw Productions
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    Hip-Hop 2012

    Y'all ain't got to do shit but stay broke and die."
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    Hip-Hop 2012

    Been listening to this a lot lately.
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    rolling back to the future garage/post-dubstep/alt-funkstep/intelli-2step etc thread If the article was about dubstep proper, well, point taken.