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    THINGS DISAPPEAR mixes on Tottenham's 199 radio

    Hi. Blatant self-promotion... I do some mixes on a radio station in Tottenham / Haringey called 199radio. I'd imagine that these mixes might be enjoyable for some dissensus headz (here's a link to the Soundcloud playlist for all my previous shows). Here's the latest one from Saturday 25...
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    Help! Track ID from Paul Mogg mix

    I'm not sure what kind of music it is, disco, ebm, i dunno, but it's a great little track from this mix by Paul Mogg of the Psychonauts: Track 16, listed just as 'November'. Here's the track on zShare:
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    Only Love Can Break Your Heart

    Does anyone know who is singing this version of 'Only Love Can Break Your Heart'? I had always thought that Saint Etienne had written the original, but turns out it's by Neil Young. I heard the version above in a shop a few months back, and was moved by how amazing it was. However it doesn't...
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    Help me ID this Ghanaian music

    I was in my car a few months back, fiddling around with the stereo and came across Hot 90fm, which I'm pretty sure is a Ghanaian music based station. I was listening for a while, the DJ was playing some nice stuff, then an absolutely amazing track came on - it sounds like a cliché but I did have...
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    Manikk & Ach! - 8am: The Afterparty Mix

    It feels that 2006 was the year I reconnected with house music - possibly the first time I've really paid attention since the about 94/95. This was wholly due to new clubbing experiences at nights/days like Retox, Zombies Ate My Brain, Wrong, Penetration, Jaded and others. I thought this minimal...
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    Darkfloor - electrohouse mix - Manikk & Ach!

    Here's a mix that some of you may be interested in, containing tunes that I've been hearing at various club nights and afterparties in London throughout the year. Kind of like a dumber version of the minimal mix from elgato. Anyway, here's the tracklist: Ach! & Manikk - Darkfloor Mix (21...
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    90s Music Magazines

    I want rid of them! Sorry to turn this into the classifieds section, but I'm sure they'll be of interest to somebody lurking here. Muzik: 95 - 01 Mixmag: 94 - 01 (Blackdown, some of your archives are in here) DJ: 95 - 01 Wax Generator Eternity Trace / True also, NME and Melody Maker: 93-97...
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    Slimzee's got an ASBO

    Just thoroughly unkind.
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    Bottom Star in Grime Shock!

    Adrian Edmonson, star of the comedy series 'Bottom' and contestant on 'Comic Relief does Fame Academy' has revealed himself to be a fan of the UK Urban Music sensation 'Grime'. On Thursday's show a nervous Edmonson was pitted against CBBC and TOTP presenter Reggie Yates in the fight for the...
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    'Ruff Sqwad - Hey' video on Channel U

    I haven't seen it yet. What's it like? I'm guessing it's the Anna vocal.