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  1. leamas

    Ten Years Of DBA {LDN} 07.02.20 Corsica Studios w/ Karen Gwyer, rRoxymore, Fauzia

    Ten Years Of DBA some cheap £5 b4 midnight entries up now, once those are out Dissensus crew can shoot me an email with Dissensus in the header for a discounted entry. DBA: rRoxymore, Karen Gwyer (Live), Kerrie...
  2. leamas

    [LDN] Don't Be Afraid Label Party @ Visions Video w/ Photonz, Architeq, Bullion 27/05

    Friday May 27th. 9pm – 4am Visions Video Bar 588 Kingsland Rd, London, United Kingdom E8 4AH Tickets: £3 / £5 in advance via Resident Advisor, MOTD Dissensus users can get a 20% discount by entering the code: 'ostbahnhof' when prompted. Photonz (One Eyed Jack's / Dissident) Architeq (Tirk)...
  3. leamas

    Best Blogging Software

    My new work is starting an internal blog. Can anyone suggest a good off the shelf blogging solution? The crucial aspect is that it should be limited access, and secure. Ta
  4. leamas

    UK Tech House

    Been clearing out some records recently and going back through some old UK tech house. There was a whole scene which got trampled in the wake of minimal house and techno, spearheaded by people like Terry Francis, Grant Dell, Asad Rizvi, 'Evil' Eddie Richards, Nathan Coles and Gideon Jackson...
  5. leamas

    Tell No One (Film)

    Must reccomend this film unreservedly. It's a French movie based on thriller by Harman Coben. The plot centres on a a dead woman who reappears to her husband 8 years after her murder in a video on the internet. It's a traditional thriller which involves technology in a meaningful way, and offers...
  6. leamas


    I've realised recently that my knowledge of dub is seriously poor given that most of the music I like is so closely related to it. I've always liked stuff like Basic Channel, Deepchord, and I grew up listening to Jungle and DnB. More recently I've been enjoying some of the Dubstep that I've...
  7. leamas

    Control The Movie

    Has anyone seen it yet? Any news of showings in the UK? I gather it did well at Cannes. Saw a docu-film on Joy Division which featured Ian Curtis' wife, who co-produced Control, and she seemed very interesting on the subject.
  8. leamas

    Gosub - Watchers From the Black Universe

    This is available from bleep now along with most of the Gosub backcatalogue. Enjoying it so far, especially 'when the rain comes down' and 'strange city'. My personal favourite Gosub record is data mining in anthilia, but this comes pretty close.
  9. leamas

    New Tunes!

    Two new deep techno tunes on my mog: Panicman VIP Southlands Reply with comments, abuse, suggestions constructive or otherwise. Anyone interested in doing a rmx pm me.