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    Nick Land and Neocameralism I initially dismissed some of these ideas as fedora-wearing, tech-nerd fantasy. But now Nick Land seems...
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    Dubstep and Techno records for sale, UK only.

    Hey guys, thought I'd return to spam you with some ebay listings. Friend of mine is selling his record collection, most of them hardly even played so I said I'd help him out by harassing you to purchase them. The two I suppose you lot would be interested in are the "Roots of Dubstep" double...
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    It what you have to think about before you can think about anything else, isn't it? Do you believe in the things you believe in because they make you feel good, because they help you fit in, because they "seem" to make sense... or because you actually think they're true...
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    Pointless but it makes me go: "Wow, didn't know that."

    General thread for suprising/interesting/weird trivia About 10 percent of electricity in the United States is generated by fuel from dismantled nuclear bombs, including Russian ones.
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    Adult careers advice

    I hate my job (invoice clerk), but I have no idea what else I could do to make money instead. I'd quite like to do something where I'm working with other people, maybe in training or something. (Don't want to be a teacher tho, 'cause I can stand kids). Anyway... teenagers have have those...
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    The cutting edge of retro

    Dodgy "Lawnmower Man"-style early 3D graphics Anything to do with virtual reality including the huge chunky headsets Ironic appreciation of the hippy-dippy/PLUR aspects of rave culture General early 90s new-age mysticism colliding with ecstacy/ambient music/computers/awful CGI Really crummy...
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    Limp Bizkit

    This guy otm: Fred Durst is unintentional comedy gold. I could imagine some 2020 version of The Darkness rocking the huge shorts and deliberately rapping really badly.
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    I know you're probably all hyped up about the new Vampire Collective album or whatever, but you need to check out this hot new shit: <object width="480" height="295"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param...
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    The opposite of goth

    the month of July the colour pink handbag house light blue jeans Tom Ewing Jeff Koons
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    georgia/russia: war?

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    Postmodernity and christianity

    Just kicking around a couple of ideas here, because I am not an expert on either subject by any means... I saw a documentary about a Christian summer camp on the TV a while back, including a speaker in front of a crowd of young believers bemoaning the "postmodern culture" we live in, how...
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    Working classes 'have lower IQs' o shi
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    Rare earth theory

    ET contact odds 'extremely low' says Professor Andrew Watson: I guess this is part of the same sphere of thought as: Science ppl, watcha think?
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    The next generation

    In 50 years time, the vast majority of people over 40 years old will be dead. All the present day young 'uns will be in charge. Is this good because we are more left-leaning, tolerant and able to process lots of abstract information*... or is it bad because we are all pomo consumerist zombies...
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    nicolas courtin Dreamy electro with tinges of sountrack wizards like Vangelis and John Carpenter. "Filaments of Light" is amazing.
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    Guinness red I tried that Guinness Red and it tastes weird and watered down. Some marketing muppet has given them terrible advice. I'm quite concerned as well that at some point in the future Guinness may even go bust!
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    design question

    Just read this in a post by Stelfox in the "Dissensus men" thread: Which got me thinking about something I've often talked about with mates: Why does everything designed in the last 10-15 years seem to have that ergonomic, "organic", pod-like look? Cars, electrical appliances, furniture...
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    l o v e

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    Vitamin tablets

    Is this nature or technology? Dunno. Anyways, I don't really eat that well, and I was wondering if these were actually of any use at all. I take a multivitamin every morning and I feel ok, I don't have scurvy or anything. Considering I only the only fruit and veg I get is peas and carrots with...
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    Tom Ewing

    What has this guy done of interest? What is his deal? Do you like his writing?