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    The new Ethnomusicology

    I am not sure that melody has to have a rhythm and i don't think ambient is the only exception. Rhythm has to have a steady tempo. But playing a melodic instrument solo need not require the player to keep to an even time grid. The notes can be longer or shorter, the player can speed up or slow...
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    Hypnagogic pop

    Especially when they are doing it to themselves. The Toro Y Moi album is outstanding for what it's worth. "Lissoms" is so good. Opens up with some Detroit strings and goes into Zomby wonkiness and ends up reminding me of Todd Edwards with the way it uses samples and dissonance. All that in 2...
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    Hypnagogic pop

    Salem's lot.
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    Hypnagogic pop

    Oh, come on. Don't act like these guys aren't at least slightly ridiculous.
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    Hypnagogic pop

    Haha, this thread is like a bad dream. People are discussing "Witch House" like it's a serious genre. I thought it was some bullshit some art bum kids in Baltimore came up with to describe their attempts at like...80's coldwave or something. And "Tri Angle" records. Hahaha....that hipster...
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    The new Ethnomusicology

    The other problem with tracking down Arabic music is how many different ways the names are transliterated. You write Adawia, they write Adaweya. Dabke is also written as Dabka and Dabkeh.
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    The new Ethnomusicology

    You gotta be careful in putting down Omar Souleyman not to come across as a "I've been here first" kind of snob :) I really like the guy's music. He has a powerful voice and though it took me a little while to get into them I really like the mijwiz-approximating synths and the quasi-random...
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    hardcore classics

    That's Capella - Everybody
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    hard 80s hip-hop....

    This thread is a gold mine. As far as Ultramagnetics, you can't deny "Ego Trippin"
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    singing in weird affected voices and the '80s/

    I reckon the Talking Heads should be a part of this discussion.
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    house and techno are bad

    Thanks for the tips. I went and checked them out on Youtube. I do happen to like house music quite a bit. I just don't think Theo Parrish is any good at writing music. Maybe that's why his tracks don't sound like anyone else's? He does have some interesting sounds, for instance the kicks on that...
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    house and techno are bad

    I love me some Omar S. is a fun filtered house track. is probably my favorite overall. But Theo Parrish...I tried listening to Parallel Dimensions. Just can't get into...
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    Washington DC recommendations

    Baltimore is pretty close to DC and Brewer's Art there brews their own beer. I think they bottle their "Resurrection" ale so you may find it there. As far as club "U Street Music Hall" opened recently and though I haven't been I've heard that the sound system is top notch and there are lots of...
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    Noise Factory

    "My Mind" is really good At least for the first half of its run, then it loses the plot a bit. Those samples are crazy! Somehow most Noise Factory tracks sound so amateurish (in an endearing way) even though the production is actually pretty good when...
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    Noise Factory

    Well, they did that whole Classic Jungle series collecting the best Ibiza, 3rd Party, Kemet and Limited E stuff. This one is the best in my opinion:
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    Music documentaries

    Saw three music documentaries at a film festival this weekend. Until The Light Takes Us - rather amateurish documentary about the Norwegian Black Metal scene. Mostly concentrates on Fenriz (of Darkthrone) and Varg Vikernes (aka Burzum). These two are very interesting people and quite...
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    questions you are dying to ask but are too scared to b/c of music nerd cred?

    The mixed down track is passed through an equalizer and a compressor. Basically the sound is cleaned up a bit and made punchier and the loudness level is set. This is more important when the track is to be recorded on vinyl because of the limitations/parameters of the vinyl medium.
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    school me on tribal house (and tekno)

    The Oslo label was pretty popular a year or so ago with this kind of stuff. Also check out Markus Fix and the Cecille label.
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    Best UK Proto-Punk Band

    What about Hawkwind? Pardon my ignorance if it's completely off-base.
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    I feel the same way.