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    anyone going to transmediale?

    Wolfgang Voigt is playing as Gas - I'm curious to see how that works as a live show - and there's the obligatory Raster Noton night, which i'm told has new visuals (admittedly Olaf dropped an ace record this year so it might be good). Other than that I'm not too sure what else to expect at...
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    anyone on

    There's personalised & tag radio (I have 'minimal' radio on in the background half the time), a huge wiki, tune previews, album artwork and other bits and bobs at There's also a journal facility where you can pontificate to your heart's content with embedded artist/label links...
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    starring al gore.

    So, this film with al gore standing in front of presentation slides. For the entire feature-length duration. i can't even put into words how badly i want to see this film. it's called an inconvenient truth. does anyone in the uk have it? It's pre-order only on amazon.
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    Bill Strickland's AIGA Design Conference Talk is fucking amazing.

    Nothing short of remarkable: Do a ctrl-F on this page for 'Strickland' Bill Strickland's talk entitled 'The Design of Leadership'. Anyone interested in arts in the community should hear this out.
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    Lessig's OSCON Speech

    Great impassioned OSCON talk from Lawrence Lessig on his specialist topic, copyright: Here's all the OSCON podcasts Two things i agree with: - Piracy is wrong. File-sharing that violates copyright is very wrong. - The open source community is sitting on it's arse on this matter.
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    I'm thinking of picking these up. Student licenses come in at £250 thanks to the weak $$. ;) So, any Max users here? I'm particularly interested in Jitter but sure, music is nice too. I'm wondering how the cheaper/open source alternatives measure up (pd users etc speak up!). Let me know what...
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    Events in London

    RSS feed + calendar for events in London available at Kontent Events. Saves me having to post event details on forums like these every three days. Mainly focuses on digital culture but a bit of everything really. Takes submissions. Subscribe!
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    Rite of Spring, Petrouchka and The Firebird all performed at this year's BBC proms. No ballet, just the tunes, unfortunately. Don't miss. Sublime.
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    Calling all weblogging folk (i.e. most of you): Microsoft Reshuffle July 15th Come join us. As the post-righteous school of xxx once intoned.
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    new media historicism

    "Recognizing the increasing significance of media art for our culture, this Conference on the Histories of Media Art will discuss for the first time the history of media art within the interdisciplinary and intercultural contexts of the histories of art. Leonardo/ISAST, the Database for Virtual...