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    150 or so Private Eye back issues - anyone want

    Hi all Having a clear out and i've about 150 back Eyes, from the last 5 or 6 years, are these of interest to anyone? (London). Free obvs, otherwise I'll recycle. Thanks
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    The Arcades Project: Martin Amis’ Guide to Classic Video Games Check this out, weird and brilliant.
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    British politics and House of Commons in TV, literature and film

    I have been enjoying a few things recently. For all it's faults I love the spectacle of the HOC and the drama of politics. TV Yes Minister (bit dated and over acted but basically amazing) House of Cards (v over acted in some places but v v entertaining and watchable) A Very British Coup...
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    English pastoral / countryside / stately homes in film

    Must be cos it's winter but I've been enjoying looking at sunny English green things recently. The Go-between and The Draughtsman's Contract have both had the beauty of the green with a darker under current for me recently.. Any more tips? (Don't have to be sinister).
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    Shake Shakir at Plastic People Dec 17 Looks big.
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    Jonathon Meades

    So, I have been enjoying Off-Kilter, all the little riffs and wilfully tangential chatting in the deadpan style. I have not seen Magnetic North though.
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    OK foodies let's have the lowdown on offal tips. Calves liver is of course well nice. Tripe so-so but I want to get some and braise with chorizo and chickpea and paprika in tomato sauce and think it might be a bit nicer if it softens up a bit. I'm getting a pigs head on Monday hopefully and...
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    what fish should we be eating?

    bad cod pretty much all flat fish (i think) big sea fish like swordfish and marlin good mackerel (i think, though perhaps in the end all fish stocks will be over fished?) prawns are often farmed now, so sutainable in a manner though i'm sure it brings it's own problems. err what else?
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    is ministry of sound horrible?

    Suspect it is but Carl Craig and Derrick May are playing there together one night...
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    why do we sleep with pillows?

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    Foraging in London

    OK let's have it! -Loads of brambles on Hamstead Heath. Tasty. -Wild plums in Haggerston Park. Not picked any yet but there are loads just rotting on the ground. They are little, about the size of big grapes.
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    post - yugoslavia

    Couldn't see any other threads so though some general stuff on politics / culture etc would be interesting. Recently read this wonderful book by Misha Glenny. The...
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    OK no cheating and looking it up but what is the scampi you get at the pub/chippy (ie not some gourmet expensive stuff). Every time i have asked this in a pub etc you get a variety of responses.
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    video nasty mini festival this looks great!
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    Food for lunches at work

    Who does nice things beyond sandwiches? I hate spending money on lunches at work (unless its 4 quid for a 1/2 price pizza at Strada or Pizza Express etc). A nice green veg risotto with lots of leeks, peas, celery and cabbage went down well for me for a couple of days (microwave needed of...
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    1/2 of basic channel and sleeparchive at plastic people!

    mark whateverhisname is and sleeparchive and substance, 8£, PP, 7 may How good is that?
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    I need more classic danchall recommendations please

    Been hammering Sizzla like nobodies business, it's been years since i've had this feeling of continually wanting to listen to a specific person. At home cooking, at work on the headphones writing stuff... Got the big buju ones. Find Capleton's voice a bit boring and samey. Got Sean Pauls last...
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    Excellent words and phrases

    Highfalutin copacetic
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    Can the capacity for revulsion be mapped against politics?

    Someone told me a study said it could. The more left wing you are the less revolted you are by stuff. 'Dirty foreigner' narrative, a revulsion at gay sex as dirty and unnatural...right-wing. Dirty anarchists...left-wing.
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    Ants are amazing

    I just read the Wikipedia entry and half of it is like stuff from science-fiction movies. Warrior ants doing raids on other colonies to get eggs to grow into slaves as they can't even feed themselves cos of their massive mandibles, leafcutter ants harvesting stuff to bring back to their nests...