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    The (white) rapper show

    Has anyone else seen this? I seen about the first four episodes, it is sometimes very painful to watch, other times it is simply embarrassing to watch. How about this John Brown bloke and his “ghetto revival” is he serious? Or his he an underground comedian or some sort? I’d like to hear if...
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    The cars you drive

    What kind of car do you drive? Is it as interesting as your musical taste? Please contribute a picture of your wheels. Here is mine:
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    disturbed man dem - ogre

    maybe i haven't seen enough sun lately but i'm feelin this tune at the moment - can anyone tell me more about this mysterious release third tune in
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    whats all this about then?
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    Destructive 001

    anyone clocked this yet? if not do, i reckon it's awesome, kind of reinstilled my faith in dubstep to actually release tunes - this may be partly from frustration with mixes revolving around all the same tunes - (regardless of how deep the tune is if i hear another mix with crackbong.....)...
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    Destructive 001

    please delete this thread
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    Shockin Mixtape Vol 1 - Aftershock

    (not that it will surprise many round here) but i am feelin this mix, huge tunes and loads for eveyone (bearing in mind that one man trash is another mans treasure...) anyone else feelin this ?
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    they've remade assault on precint 13

    uh-oh my initial gut reaction is that it will be shit, can anyone who catches it give a run down the original is as bleak as you can get, and from what i saw of the trailer it looks like it was made by the same people who made backdraft
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    grime i-d please

    can someone i-d this tune please it may be pjam but i dunno - screeching car and all
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    what did santa get YOU for xmas

    risky roads!!!! booyakasha!
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    Mr Wong

    Has anyone heard his new mix tape - the cover is enough to make me wanna buy it on sight
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    Bad Santa

    Has anyone else seen this , i thought it was a cack (australian word not larf, not british for shit yourself)!. The part where he rocks in pissed in front of all the kids and falls into the christmas display, then looks up and a card board donkey is leering menacingly above him so he clobbers...
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    Functions On The Low

    Function On The Low any one else feelin this tune
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    characters n graff black books

    hey has anyone clocked this site it's a fossil i know - but i still check it holler back if your feelin (or felt it years ago)
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    Breath Control - history of beatboxing

    eh! has anyone seen this - i'm going to see it this weekend along with the "5 sides of a coin" ip op documentary, i've heard it is dope but what about around here??
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    Just Another Girl On The I.R.T.

    has anyone SEEN this movie, its a fossil i know but only caught it on the idiotbox late last night i part terror i part can't take your eyes of the screen, i part can't believe people used to wear such outfits makes me wanna go start a thread about Monie Love - in fact i may just go do that.......