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    Filtered House

    Corpsey do your thing. I don't know much about this stuff, but it's a sunny day today and I want to play some. This what Corpsey contributed in the other thread:
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    Rinse FM Going Legit

    I've had a load of people today refer me to this "petition" they've now got going which is aimed at acquiring themselves a legitimate place on the FM dial. Is it me or is this totally inimical to what Rinse FM is meant to be? i.e. a station that, entirely due to its illegitimacy, offers an...
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    DJ frustration in 2009

    Is anyone else experiencing this? Particularly people who tend to spin more of the London-based pirate-spun genres. I found up until about a couple of years or so ago, I was quite content to play a mix of grime and dubstep. There were lots of releases and the quality was usually consistent and...
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    Question re: Energy Flash

    Why does the new edition cost 40 quid at! At (the Canadian one) I have the option of getting the old edition, used, starting at $140.00!! I noticed the same thing about Kodwo Eshun's book. Does anyone know of a cheaper way I could get my hands on these books. Were the...
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    Getting turntables fixed

    I have a Technics 1210 that has gone dysfunctional on me. It is giving off massive amounts of feedback that I'm almost positive is connected to the ground-wire being dodgy (if I fiddle with it, it provides me with a few minutes of less feedback). Now I know I should get this serviced, but I've...
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    Ok, so I decided against waiting until the playoffs for this thread. I started watching basketball relatively recently (circa 2005) which is why I have a soft spot for the Pistons, who were wrecking house then. Ben Wallace is a minotaur. I'm surprised basketball is the second biggest sport in...
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    NASTY Crew vs. Roll Deep

    "NASTY or Roll Deep needs it's own thread, really, if it hasn't existed before. " Here it is. Roll Deep did some heinous crimes on grime music (In At The Deep End, encouraging people like Syer Bars and Discarda) but I prefer them. Wiley, Dizzee, Flow Dan, Riko, Trim, Scratchy, Roachee...
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    Unfortunate names

    The things some parents name their children, it's almost like they want to cripple their formative years. Some are just plain unfortunate. Brock Kiely ('brocolli') - not so shaming, just hilarious that his parents didn't notice it. Nicole Mack - an atypically tall and burly girl at my school -...
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    320 Mp3 vs. Wav vs. FLAC

    My question is, does it truly make a fuckin difference to the average ear? I've decided to save a bit of money by curbing my vinyl expenses and trying to buy up more releases digitally. 320 Mp3 format is the most available format, though Boomkat offer FLAC downloads as well. I know two things...
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    Online Hip Hop vinyl shops

    Anyone know of any good ones for old and new stuff? Used too. Any sound really - although a shop with a lot of southern, west coast and bay area stuff'd be nice - though I'm not opposed to any sites that have good crate digging old east coast stuff too. All the hip hop I ever buy is from...
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    I'm an English man in New York

    I'll be in NYC for Dub War on the 18th where the artist I manage (XI) will be playing at Dubwar (woo hoo!). We got basically the whole of Saturday and Saturday night to experience the sights and sounds of New York. This isn't a hell of a lot of time. Because of my genetic heritage I am...
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    Radio - Xi + Sick Boy - Sub Fm - 22/12/07

    This week's show had Canada's dubstep pioneer XI filling in for Roko while he lies in bed groaning and clutching his head. Second hour, no change, Sick Boy with the new school grime. Both sets were heavy - don't sleep! Link: Tracklist: XI...
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    Sick Boy - Sub FM - 8/12/07 - audio and tracklist

    This is the set that I prerecorded this week for my show with Roko on Sub FM, but it didn't get aired because Roko was slippin and thought I was gonna send it to him by carrier pigeon or something. It was a big show, so I thought I'd post it up here regardless. We got Freeza Chin in the studio...
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    Bus drivers are cunts

    Seriously, bus drivers are a very different breed of dickhead whose jobs have crushed their souls into hate-filled, sociopathic and malicious lumps of coal. Bus driving must be some sort of social experiment created to see how to most effectively remove all traces of a person's humanity, because...
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    Record Shops in London

    I just moved to London, and I'm looking for good record shops around the city both for used and new records. I'm obviously well-versed on the underground dance music end (Uptown, BM Soho, Rhythm Division, Independance etc.), but I'm looking for ones that, in particular, stock lots of 1970s-era...
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    Who is reaching FWD tonight?

    I might be. Benga Tubby and Youngsta playing a "history" set, which might mean not a "boring" set as he usually does. And a guy spinning UK House?! If any dissensians are reaching, then halla at sick boy. I've heard you all talk your shit on this board, it'd be nice to see your mugs. I'll be...
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    Who is at FWD this Friday

    + where the fuck can I find this listed on the regular? Why does exist anyway?
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    From Blackdown's Blog: Hank Shocklee

    "Meeting Hank Shocklee of Bomb Squad fame. He’s making a dubstep album…" WHAT
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    Big Brother: breaking news, lies, gossip, slander, etc.

    WHY DOESN'T THIS THREAD EXIST YET. I just moved back to England and Big Brother is all I care about. Charley is up for eviction tonight against Tracey. Even though I would prefer Tracey to go because she is about as interesting as watching a granny get older, and also because Charley is...
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    Rock Music - let's be honest

    From posting on this message board over the course of the last few months I get the impression that many people on here are mostly in favour of new electronic music, as opposed to new rock music. I sort of get the impression that the issue of rock music even being DEAD is one that is debated...