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    aphex twin help

    anyone knows what these tracks (or styles of music, im thinking for some of it there must be quite strong but really obscure scenes that never get in the more 'mainstream' media so i don't know anything about them.. i hope some of you do:) are; *from 2:44 to 3:05 (i would specially love to know...
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    unique/original/creative music

    just looking for random recommendations of sonicaly interesting music.. hanadensha is awesome stuff. noel, do you happen to have any more obscure recommendations? not neccessarily in this field..anything unique really cheers
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    el guincho - alegranza

    im surprised there're no results for this guy in dissensus search.. it's very similar music to last panda bear album, though maybe a tad more fun. i absolutely love it. great summer listen and i have a feeling this guy will become very popular this year. such a lovely mixture of exotic and...
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    autechre - quaristice (2008)

    im surprised there's no mention of this fine album yet. i must say it's probably my favourite autechre's one of those albums that suits my taste in every way. what did you guys think of it?
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    new york end of 60's music scene

    if someone asked you about nyc music scene in the second half of the sixties what woul you tell them? first thing that comes on your mind..
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    i uploaded a track from might boosh series and i would love to check music that sounds like the start of this reminds me of some illbient artists but i could be wrong..anyone know of something in that vein?
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    gig organizors/promoters

    does anyone here have any experience with it? pros and cons? how did you get started, how long before you managed to start getting something back? im thinking about doing it, specially because i feel there's lots of interesting bands that would be willing to play here but the organizors here...
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    music you've been enjoying lately

    i was listening to new pj harvey and devendra banhart a lot lately..specially devendra..but also some other stuff, and i put some of these songs together in a zip file if you're interested; i'd be much interested in what you've listened to lately, and if...
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    good live albums/recordings

    can you guys recommend some nice live music..genre isn't important, what im looking for is stuff that is different, preferably one time performaces - meaning bands/artists that like to improvise as opposed to bands who play same song throughout whole tour..thank you!
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    new life trio (steve reid)

    does someone know how much stuff these guys recorded? so far i was only able to get that one song (excerpt?) from universal sounds of america compilation, and i'd love to get more.. i keep playing those 2 minutes on repeat and juct can't get enough of brilliant
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    steve reid

    hey guys, does someone know what sun ra and fela kuti albums he played on? i can't find any info on this and his site only briefly mentions coupld of songs though it seems to me those are only part names..also, if you know of a nice site with other info on reid please post the link here. thank you!