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    what you currently enjoying ?

    I like the sound of this...
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    what you currently enjoying ?

    The one-drop revival is exciting. Particularly this girl. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>
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    Eno or Cale ??

    I basically hate the entire genre of ambient, plus David Bowie, plus U2 plus 90% of Roxy Music so don't really get what Eno has to be so proud about. OTOH Cale did "Church of Anthrax" which was the only one of my mate Martin's collection of dodgy hippie albums that he inherited from his uncle...
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    World sonics /Tokyo POV

    I just had a flying visit to Tokyo. Arrived 7am saturday morning, flew out 7pm sunday night. Spent the day touring designer boutiques with a russian oligarch (to the Dior shop attendant "don't you have anything more expensive? this is all cheap shit - I would be ashamed to be seen in this in...
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    The Arcade Fire - shit or clay?

    Haiti is the only song off that album I ever listen to. The rest seems like generic indie drivel. I vote "shit".
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    What is the West?

    Well I don't fink japan and china got much in common with the middle east, innit, and that seems to be where a lot of this confusion is stemming from - bit of a loose use of the word "east" on this thread. Naughty orientalists.
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    What does VIP mean..?

    It stands for Vastly Impressive Production and it means it's a really good remix.
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    Do you buy the original if you already have the reissue or the track on comp?

    Because I do, because I unashamedly love vinyl records as artifacts and love to see the way they were packaged and sounded the first time round and because there's something just so iconic about 'em. I don't feel like I "really" have a disco record until I have it on the original 12 I feel like...
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    lock in NOW for ardkore

    '88-99 pressure' Does this mean they mix 'acid over' into 'destiny' or something? kinda hard to imagine...
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    Will youth be fooled again?

    For this comment to have any validity you would have to justify a) how this is different from any other time in hip hop's history and b) how this is different from any other popular music ever. Otherwise it just looks ignorant. People have been parroting the above for my entire life, and I...
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    Tense Nervous House Music

    It's a little too late in the day for the period you're talking about, but I will never ever get sick of DJ Sneak and Armand van Helden's "Hardsteppin disco selection" A-side. Best bouncy chicago kickdrums ever. And not much else. That record actually did ruin a pair of my speakers back in...
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    Public Enemies Grime 05a

    How many do I got? That many...
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    what makes a nightclub good?

    elephant. room. glasses. cunts. Er yeah, quite funny to have a thread about good nightclubs with dozens of replies discussing what kind of haircuts people should have and the details of the interior decor and amenities but not one discussing the point of going to fucking clubs in the first...
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    Will youth be fooled again?

    It's demographic, innit? Well what with the birthrate having been drying up in the western world over the last 20 years, there's not so many youth about now as there were in '68 or '77. And that's got to be a big factor. Kind of hard for them to feel like this awesome irresistible...
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    I admire the guts in Noah's story. I only shoplifted when it was totally safe and was never that ambitious. My stock in trade was to lift small but expensive items, like sunglasses and then buy something cheap like a pair of socks because if you leave via the cashier the store detectives don't...
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    How "Indie" are you feeling?

    I clicked 'very' because although I'm not listening to much 'indie' in the traditional sense I think I'm listening to the indie side of lots of non-indie music e.g. Grime: Not listening to: 2004 slick bad-boy merkery Listening to: 02/03 emo-grime e.g. "Birds in da sky" Dance: Not listening...
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    which country is responsible for the worst music?

    No wonder their neighbours hate 'em The answer to this, it occurred to me, is clearly ISRAEL Power-trance and Dana International. And seder music.
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    When people say Cold Rush...

    Or smoking meth with homeless people in an abandoned office building while a bass drum thumps somewhere in the distance, but you're not quite sure where....
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    Individualism vs Community is a false binary and if you think about it in those terms, of course it looks dodgy. Individualism means, what? In the legal sense, probably the assertion of the individual's right to choose their own destiny and identity. In the personal sense, probably the...
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    "Showtime" and "Treading on thin ice" redux

    I agree with everyone above. It's a classic (and "Showtime" probably isn't). Slimzee and Wiley was great. Weird but great. Very male crowd, but knew their stuff. There were cheers when Wiley mentioned D Double and Tinchy Stryder and people were shouting along to "Wot do you call it" (which...