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    Do you buy the original if you already have the reissue or the track on comp?

    Because I do, because I unashamedly love vinyl records as artifacts and love to see the way they were packaged and sounded the first time round and because there's something just so iconic about 'em. I don't feel like I "really" have a disco record until I have it on the original 12 I feel like...
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    "Showtime" and "Treading on thin ice" redux

    I'm about to go hear Wiley play in Tokyo (!!!) And am sitting listening to "Treading on thin ice" for the first time in ages. Occurs to me that this record is much fresher, and bearing up much better these days than "Showtime" which sounds a bit tired and thin. Wiley's perspective is richer...
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    Dissensus migrants and expatriates club

    So I notice on this board that there are a wide variety of locations, but many commonalities of interest. Which leads me to suspect that a lot of y'all (like me) are expatriates. Anyway, I thought it'd be nice to have a little place where those of us who are in some sense dislocated can...
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    Clubbing with dignity at an advanced age

    Can it be done? I met a gay dude in his 70s at a club in Tokyo last weekend, with a long wispy grey beard (as per the regulation "old asian guy" stereotype). He was shirtless and really going for it. He was actually so old that there was no way it would be anything other than cool, but what...
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    Living in the grime - photography

    Livin in the grime Photographs of the grass roots. Very good friend of mine. Very good photos. Underappreciated. Check it out. If you know anyone who'll pay her for this stuff, let her know.
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    Microscopic creatures with stunningly beautiful geometric forms discovered by classic beardy scots scientist D'Arcy Thompson. Ponder and wonder. "We have learned... that our own study of organic form ... is but a portion of that wider Science of Form which deals with the forms assumed...
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    Ricardo Villalobos

    Had "Au harem d'archimede" for a while and thought it was a bit meh. Just listened to it on proper speakers instead of headphones for the first time. HOLY FUCK. The sub-bass on this is absolutely monstrous. Suddenly it all works. It doesn't make sense, but it works. Is Villalobos an alien...
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    Coke to persuade world that Americans are nice

    A US ad agency has proposed that Coca-Cola run the following campaign to simultaneously sell fizzy drinks and make people like Americans again. Full story here
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    Things you've written that you think are okay

    So many people on this forum are such fucking good writers that it'd be nice to have a thread in literature where people put down their own little pieces that they think are good, or link to them or whatever. Me, I'm definitely in the special needs class compared to a lot of youse, but in that...
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    Rolling crate digging triumph thread

    Woot! Today, in a singaporean secondhand shop I got the following for 5 singapore dollars each (about 1.50 UKP): Incredible Bongo Band - "Bongo rock" Sun Palace - "Winning/Rude Movements" Sandy Nelson - "Compelling percussion" Harry Thumann - "Underwater" Army of Lovers - "Massive Luxury...
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    The hypnotic dance of the stoat

    <IMG SRC=""> Stoats and other similar animals such as weasels: <IMG SRC=""> Can apparently perform a special hypnotic dance...
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    Illustrations of insects and other flora and fauna

    I love these. They're great. My gran studied drosophila and had hundreds of pictures of them all over her house. Wasps are the sexiest insects to draw, I reckon. <IMG SRC=""> How come these people don't get famous? <IMG...