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a heap of broken images abandon hope all ye who enter here accelerate the process acid actress adawia advice needed afrobeast afrofuturism agent provocateur ain't that the truth alternative title: please don't forget my birthday ambient ambient 4: nick land american pie amsterdam animism vs. cybernetics another classic thread by version apartheid apathy aquacrunk arca art as long as the music's good asylum attack him pussy!!!!!!! autechre autism avant garde baked bean cum bald weapons guy ballard bangface barbed wire cricket bat baroness phwoaarr!-si barty's horny barty's mum's cunt again. bashment basic schoolboy errors bass bassline bastani does my fuckin head in beats belly full of crap berlin beware the dog killer big mac black athena black ops blackdown blackest ever black blimey blogging blood for the blood god blue balls in brooklyn bobono bollocking bork bork? bosh it you prannet brackles brave but foolish breakstep bricking it bristol brixton broad cumbucket brrrrrrrrrrrp bunuel butterz byron the bulb cameraphones cancelled captain luke cassette chaotic energy charity cheese chemsex gabba chico chortle chris duckenfield cindy sherman topless clenched epistle club coding your own shit collage colonel gaddafi conan the librarian controlled opposition cool story bro corpsey corpsey topless pics corpsey's law corpsey's poo anecdotes countersurveillance tactics craner craner gets the beiser treatment craner goes to school craner in his element craner's aggressive gargling lounge act craner's been mossad from day one craner's delight craner's dirty little secret craner's tavern craner: nun defiler cranes cranes fly with necks outstretched cranes in the sky cthulhu cultivating the myth cums in a sock cyborgs dalston dam-funk dancehall de landa decent sheep slaughter session decline of the american empire dejavufm deleuze diamond joe dick softening disco dissnesis dj dlux djblip djeastwood do you really want out is it is it wicked? docking dogging dogging ritual dogging with kode9 drawing drone drugs drum & bass drum machine dub dubstep dubstep forum electronic electronic music electronica embarrassing erectile dysfunction ethi jazz ethnomusicology eu apartheid events exclusive rushing bad boy tunes exiting the asylum experimental eye-watering dick nailage fact magazine faktion ferrite love connection fetishising the other ffs fingerbang sesh finish him! flogging the deadest of the dead horses flounce flowers footwork france trance frank zappa fuck off funky fush futility garage gardening garridge gaslit by version george ezra was their soundtrack gilles peterson glasgow goblin nonce gold rings goldsmiths shagathon grim britannia grime groucho groundinghog day grubby t-shirt salesmen gummo guru josh hair-sniffing perv handfuls of poo hardcore harpo hauntology hearts heal herzog high priest karl rove hip hop hiphop his name is luka and he's not a "freak" holy mass shooting batman home counties homophobia horror house house is a feeling how can he not know? 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parkinson pass the dutchy peak toxicity of the padraig (u.s.) dayz penis extension perhower phantom flan flinger phil pirate pizza express plants please be patient i have autism podcast pointlessness politics pop post-dubstep pot noodle horn pow powell pretentious procrastination production progressive protracted flame wars psychedelia smith psychedelic west africa psychic self defense psychogeology pub bore public pant pooing pubstep pukka radio rant re-edits real homo hours recipes reckless bravado refugees reggae repeater bollocks repoire restraining order reynolds' wanking habits ride the snake righteous narcissism rinbad the railer riot season rnb rockism is a great ideology roiling rolling roots rootsfromyard ruff sqwad rustie ryan bone s-e-x all night to the break of dawn sage emeralds samples seeing dead nuns in his nightmares self-hindrance self-spoofing fuckery serotonin depletion shackleton shamanic mong face simping for the revolution slaying the dragon sleng teng slew dem slipknot sociopolitical something is rotten in the state of denmark something of the night sonoran desert toad soundtrack sourdough lifestyle space spam spam recipes speaking on behalf of the working class special brew speed creates pure objects. spooky spooky bizzle spunk ritual spurious loaded questions spurious opposition squids stately plump buck mulligan still further stoated sneck strange bisexual assemblage subversive sultry voodoo sweat sex chicken stuff superstition sweet toothed pimp diplomats symposium synth talked to death in 1995 tape taste the difference tattoo my fucking eyebrows taxi ran him over techgnosis techno tentacles testicle growth the 20 hottest e-girls the after party the angel of history the butcher of el salvador the chill out room the cool sexy philosopher guy the death of rave the gays the hooded claw the mvuent movement the old man's back again the passion of yulia tymoshenko the plasmate the price of liberty the slow cancellation of the craner the spice must flow the verso mafia the wages of sin the wench is dead the yankee dollar the zhao incident there is no outside things you have noticed this is not an exit time travel tinnitus trance trees tresillo tuberculosis twh uk funky uk garage ukbass ukg uncle mac vegetables velocity version version excursion version's brother version's inquisiton version's throbbing penis video villager's hands virtualdub wankers wanking war stories wascal we haven’t seen anything yet weed what's the frequency kenneth? 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