1. version


    Apparently they've just dropped a bunch of live sets and have two new albums on the way,
  2. Corpsey

    The Artistic Temperament

    I think of anyone on here Luka has the most artistic temperament I've seen - which is to say, he's a fundamentalist. This is by no means an insult, although it might be a mischaracterisation. But you see what I did there? I shied away from taking a strong position. I apologised for myself in...
  3. B

    the aphex twin destroyed my brain

    and my brother's too. the head fucking drone of digeridoo, the wide-eyed utopia of selected ambient works I, the vast inner planes of selected ambient works II. a soundtrack to a life of intense love, thought, exploration, escapism, the glimpse of possibilities that in hindsight were a...