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  1. sufi

    Can you change your mind? (the Musical)

    Noone on the other CYM thread admits to changing their mind (Jenks was right) and definitely no actual examples or climbdowns, so far anyway... So here we are in the music forum What music did you change your mind about? Why?? Did dissensus make you do it?? Matthew posted this ages ago (Haim...
  2. version

    Important Figures of the 21st Century

    Who've you got?
  3. Mr. Tea

    Who hates Robert MacFarlane the most?

    ***PLEASE REFRAIN FROM ANSWERING THE POLL UNTIL LUKA AND STINKYBOY HAVE EACH HAD A CHANCE TO MAKE THEIR CASE*** This thread is for the two of them to demonstrate the intensity of their loathing for the country's foremost curator of twee archaic dialect words for a particular type of cloudy...
  4. version

    Where is the avant-garde?

    watching that Bacon film and reading Ulysses has me wondering where this stuff is today. Is there even an audience for 2020's equivalent? Tom McCarthy's contention's that if James Joyce were alive today he'd be working for Google...
  5. Corpsey

    What are you good at?

    EDIT: Version has advised me to changed the title. Now open for party tricks/savant abilities/areas of expertise/cultivated talents.
  6. Woebot

    Later Rolling Stones Masterpieces

    anything after and including "beggars banquet" no brian - he only played on one tracl on beggars banquet. generally more consistent. better? more "powerful"? mystic? going to travel to the far end myself... this always strikes me as very close to liquid liquid/esg territory
  7. sufi

    Sense of Humour?

    That's why HH is a guilty pleasure, lack of gravitas. How does sense of humour work in music then? generally it's not a good thing - there are no straight up joke songs that should be taken seriously, by definition. but i think its importance is often unrecognised and maybe hard to...
  8. luka

    Has quarantine changed your ears?

    I've started listening to music again. I'm softer gentler more patient more prone to jazz
  9. version


    Apparently they've just dropped a bunch of live sets and have two new albums on the way,
  10. S

    Ask me to make you a track

    what would you like?
  11. B

    The Dissensus Album Canon

    On the back of Barty's mostly singles canon can we have an albums one. Some comments on the album would be good too. People post albums. Users do the “ta” button on the ones they like and the ones with lots of ta’s become canon.
  12. T

    autonomic/halftime/nuum space pixies

    some of it is really dull but some of it is far preferable to kuido or whoever, the right amount of melodic synth texture over stepper rhythms. melodic dub fast techno/dnb crossover, if you will. huge...
  13. C

    Post drawings you have done

    Doodles, more technical things, abstract, figurative, the whole shebang. stuff from right now, today, this week, ideally, but archive is also fine i suppose. paitings also fine i guess. also comics. all tools and technologies allowed though - ipad drawings, phone sketches etc are all fine...
  14. S

    Sci Fi and Magic

    this has been a dyad lurking implicitly in the subconscious of a lot of threads for a long time; the bladerunner jungle stuff, communist music reviews, arguably even michael jackson vs princess. you’ve got to have the gods and magic with the sci fi. the matrix has all the computers but it also...
  15. version

    Sadmanbarty's Crackle Party

  16. version

    Hades Presents: MJ vs. Prince

  17. Corpsey

    Roadmanbarty's Top 20 Drills

    Go on then go on then draw for the choons. 20 goon choons. The illest drill. An impassioned defence of a much maligned genre. Why does it matter? Why is it life enhancing? Why should we bother? An explanation of what makes it top 20 worthy. Quotables. The great lost RA/Fact/Wire article...
  18. S

    mvuent's 2step vortex

    mvuent is going to do a close reading of all of these one by one and we're all going to clap and applaud: it's not too important whether you like them or not; ideally it wouldn't be possible from your descriptions to tell...
  19. mvuent

    artifacts / fog of war

    by which i mean phenomena like distortion, saturation, tape hiss, static, background noise, various forms of feedback, etc. just any "imperfections" in the recording that obfuscate the tunes. (a few threads that could be relevant: 1 2) this stuff is interesting to me because even when...
  20. luka

    Best Of Skrillex.

    Hilariously Skrillix turned out to be both the most successful and the most musically gifted of all the dubstep producers. America saved dubstep by making it outsized, idiotic, vulgar, widescreen, technicolour. But I haven't actually heard any of the music. This is a conceptual opinion. What...