jamaican voodoo gang from predator 2

  1. Clinamenic


    Had a conceptual breakthrough this morning, in terms of understanding social attraction. In the interest of being more invested in relationships, I started thinking about how I should respectfully communicate sexual attraction to a female friend of several years, whom I will be seeing soon...
  2. constant escape

    Realistic applications of metamodernism

    While the point of this thread is to generate useful and quotidian applications for this otherwise abstruse ideology, I'm afraid I must start off with a more academic application: hermeneutics. @catalog the gadamer/ricoeur stuff could help us out here - I'm unfamiliar with the two. By...
  3. luka

    The Good Old Days of Neoliberalism.

    A few days ago I said it was odd for Barty, a 24 year old, to identify so strongly as New Labour. It's a core part of his identity. He's as passionate about it as third is about Kommunism. But once I'd said it I starting thinking, well Barty was born into this world Celebrate Life...