jamaican voodoo gang from predator 2

  1. constant escape

    Realistic applications of metamodernism

    While the point of this thread is to generate useful and quotidian applications for this otherwise abstruse ideology, I'm afraid I must start off with a more academic application: hermeneutics. @catalog the gadamer/ricoeur stuff could help us out here - I'm unfamiliar with the two. By...
  2. G

    Short jungle mix // new jungle with few old ones

    LISTEN HERE ## tracklist: 01. Gremino - Roamer 02. Skerce - Jungle Fever 03. Harmony & Xtreme - Temple Of Heaven 04. Gremino - Jbb31 05. Veak - Chemist Ina Dis 06. Riffz - 2 Late 2 Run (VIP mix) 07. Conrad Subs - Here With Me 08. Dark Dean & Hankinson Ft. Stevie A & Carmen Naida - In The Area...
  3. luka

    A Glastonbury Romance.

    Version, read this book. It's got over 1000 pages so you will definitely like it.
  4. version

    Where is the avant-garde?

    watching that Bacon film and reading Ulysses has me wondering where this stuff is today. Is there even an audience for 2020's equivalent? Tom McCarthy's contention's that if James Joyce were alive today he'd be working for Google...
  5. luka

    Ursula Le Guin

    i feel like there's potentially interesting conversations to be had about this writer. i can just sense it, hovering there.
  6. luka

    Resistance is Futile.

    I keep meaning to start this thread but then wanting to wait till I have collected my thoughts and I feel intelligent but I'm starting to think that will never happen so I'm starting now while hungover and sunburnt. So much of pop culture is about the rebel. (insert examples eg Bob Marley...
  7. luka

    Tony Blair.

    my two best mates Oliver Craner and Sadman Barty revere this man. they would crawl over broken glass to kiss the hem of his garment. they literally have his poster on the wall. i do mean literally. i was never that bothered but watching this he was clearly a far better 'performer' than anyone...
  8. Corpsey

    'I heard a passing car playing this' log

    Peckham: (I feel like this thread probably already exists somewhere in the archives, but I'm time limited and lazy)
  9. luka

    Yoga with Adriene

    this is the big thing everyone has been doing over lockdown. i did the 30 day challenge and now ive moved onto yoga camp. im on day 10 and the matra is 'i am present'. you can do it with me if you like. i will start in 5 minutes time then we can all talk about it after.
  10. pattycakes_

    The KLF

    All bound for a Mu Mu land? Haven't seen too much written about them around here, but it feels like they'd be up dissensus' Straße. Hopefully a two pronged thread where we can share KLF related shit and ask questions like 'is there space for 'culture jamming' in 2020?', 'How do you subvert a...
  11. luka

    Read the Room.

    when did this become a twitter cliche? can you read the room?
  12. version

    Is history cyclical?

  13. other_life

    they took the hermetic church from us

    and we're going to take it back. no man separate what we create. unstoppable worldwide mob figgas... death row at its finest
  14. version

    Language is a Virus from Outer Space

    How many languages can you speak? Are you able to flick between them seamlessly? Did learning another language influence your first language in any way? Do you ever find yourself thinking in your other languages?
  15. benjybars

    Listening to grime now you're old.

    I found my old hard drive the other day with about 900 grime sets from pirate radio.. Started playing some having not really listened to any in ages. It was weird being reminded that this was pretty much all I listened to for a couple of years. Made it feel like it was music from another...
  16. constant escape

    On a Second-Order Pragmatism

    Could be the next step in formalizing/constructing some kind of theory machine. What is meant by these terms? "Second-Order" inherits from second-order cybernetics, which, to my understanding, can more or less be summarized as such: If first-order cybernetics involves an observer of a world...
  17. version

    The Great Dissensus Migration

    Since nobody else is making it, here's the "official" thread.
  18. Matthew

    Simon Reynolds

    this will no doubt cause blissblogger intense embarassment and awkwardness. TOUGH SHIT SIMON. he is likely perfectly happy NOT being the subject of any hagiography. "it's not a competition" he might say in all sincerity - typical of his self-effacing modesty. but we're going to do it anyway...
  19. luka

    Group Listening Party Fun Time

    Up for all putting this https://soundcloud.com/confccrew/confield-manifesto/s-XJzih21QAH0 on and making insightful/sensuous/flirtatious/insulting/abusive/cheeky/perplexed remarks about it in real time? 9 o clock? This was something Barty wanted to do but didn't get round to it. Communal...
  20. version

    Keir Starmer