1. dilbert1

    junglism or barbarism: existential-dystopian 2020 jungle mix

    first post! thought some of the people on this board might appreciate this mix's selection/thematic content. sort of a streetwise armageddon, moment of truth vibe, hence the title's reference to rosa luxembourg (so casual listening for 2020, i'm in the states btw). half new stuff, half old, most...
  2. A

    THINGS DISAPPEAR mixes on Tottenham's 199 radio

    Hi. Blatant self-promotion... I do some mixes on a radio station in Tottenham / Haringey called 199radio. I'd imagine that these mixes might be enjoyable for some dissensus headz (here's a link to the Soundcloud playlist for all my previous shows). Here's the latest one from Saturday 25...
  3. Viral Radio

    UK bass music documentaries

    I have seen the thread on music documentaries, but for a festival in Amsterdam I am looking for perhaps the less known documentaries on UK bass music. There are quite some BBC and VPRO bits on YouTube on jungle and dubstep, but are there any good ones on African Head Charge, Bandulu, Dreadzone...
  4. R

    ripley's latest: juke jungle booty crunk dubcore etc.. "Bass, Wobs & Zaps"

    ripley's latest: juke jungle booty crunk dubcore etc.. "Bass, Wobs & Zaps" Hello all. I've been playing around with integrating juke into my live sets for a while, and finally got around to memorializing that in a mix, as usual, torn apart and reconstituted with lots of other bootyshaking beats...