1. S

    The Other Transcendence

    Proper transcendent beauty. But remarkably it's emotionally very- grounded might be the wrong word- but relatable. It’s an interesting, very familiar, very warm, very intimate incarnation of the otherworldly. It’s clearly speaking to a higher state, it’s not of the everyday, but it’s not by...
  2. L

    Teach me about....

    What this translates as is 'reinforce my prejudices. Confirm me in thinking this (whatever it is) is a load of rubbish. Multiply examples for me to dismiss.' We had a thread, listen to this, I think it was called, that was designed to break down this habitual bad faith but it quickly...
  3. version

    Are We Bored?

    I know I am.
  4. S

    80's Pop Poignance

    More of it please. Courtesy of Craner, maybe THE most beautiful piece of music ever produced: Courtesy of Patty: Barti Party:
  5. mvuent

    phenomenology of electroacoustic music

    electroacoustic music is very different from conventional music. but what is it different for? what do all the years of study and rigorous execution that go into this stuff amount to, from a listener's perspective? does it open up experiences that even more "experimental" areas of popular music...