Skrewfacesound - Innocent Until Proven Filthy Vol 5 (Hosted by MC Mirage)


Aka Skrewface

Skrewface teams up with MC Mirage (London, UK) for the next instalment of the mixtape series called "Innocent Until Proven Filthy".
The series fundamental idea is to promote the sounds of Dubstep, at times there is too much talent that doesn't have the same opportunity as big name producers and that's where Skrewface kicks in.
The mix is showcasing a broad range of Dubstep flavours in an attempt to keep you interested at every moment.

In the previous 4 volumes it's been straight mixing and blending of the music, what's new in this release is that we've added the hosting of MC Mirage to inject the vibe of a club night straight to your CD player (or iPod player).

MC Mirage in action

From London to Sweden, Sweden to London. Enjoy this one!


00:00:00 darkstar - aidy's girl is a computer
03:08:37 luthor - evo (for the win records)
04:31:58 mr gasparov - 1975
06:07:42 zeno - clish (unreleased)
07:22:56 numan - 7th key (501 remix)
09:12:38 emalkay - when i look at you
10:07:04 noah d - seeeriousss
12:17:09 jfb - duck jam
13:53:01 mista hyde - the greatest (unreleased)
15:42:31 dz & samxl - cotton candy (forthcoming contagious records)
17:31:36 16bit - funhouse
19:20:50 ashburner - lurkin' (for the win records)
21:09:57 barbarix - low freqz
23:26:24 vonesvonic - radio (marchmellow remix) - unreleased
25:01:54 riskotheque - monster (forthcoming 3.5 records)
26:37:09 sukh knight - cheese loueez
27:58:68 boltan - nine to five (dz remix)
29:20:56 ashburner - sketdance (for the win records)
30:42:25 genetic.krew - vernunft und faulheit (forthcoming bass punch records)
32:58:36 simian mobile disco - cruel intentions (joker remix)
34:47:17 octa push - ai nadia
37:30:31 borgore - love
39:06:04 orbatak - machete (forthcoming rottun records)
40:41:38 c99 - blaze it up (forthcoming bass punch records)
42:03:49 afterdark (itchy robot) - fatal maschine (forthcoming badman press recordings)
44:50:65 g31 & kirkus - here we go
47:06:74 whiskertwister - we are your friends (unreleased)
48:28:02 basement jaxx - raindrops (doorly's dubstep remix)
50:44:62 rdubz - not enough (forthcoming bass punch records)
53:41:68 dfrnt - tripped (synkro remix)
55:30:73 16bit - adsl
58:41:22 marchmellow - coral reefa (unreleased)
61:52:09 ashburner - badness (for the win records)
63:41:04 snipaz - bodies (unreleased)
65:30:05 roommate & the bassist - rub a dub (joint forces remix) - unreleased
67:32:43 the supremes - keep me hanging on (dz remix)
69:01:14 hulk - flatbrim funk (unreleased)
71:37:51 richie august - so ill (forthcoming brotown)
72:59:34 the prodigy - voodoo people (riskotheque refix) - forthcoming z-audio
75:42:63 sub mob - warstep (unreleased)
77:24:54 c99 - blow me slowly (forthcoming bass punch records)
78:32:62 sticky feet - herb vip (unreleased)

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More on MC Mirage:

We've love to give thanks to MC Mirage, Dj Darkone, DZ, 16bit, For The Win Records (Goli & Ashburner), Zeno, Numan, MarchMelloW, Riskotheque, Genetic.Krew, Borgore, C99, Afterdark, WhiskerTwister, G31, Kirkus, RDubz, SnipaZ, Joint Forces, Hulk, Richie August, Orbatak, Sub Mob, Sticky Feet for making this possible. All the labels involved and everyone who kept supporting us throughout time.

Ps. You're free to spread this one to anywhere you like. Make sure you burn a CD to a loved one or anyone you think will enjoy the Dubstep vibes. Ya hear?


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