Bruk Radio 03.12.09 - House


I just dont know
hi everyone, hope you're all good

here's the recording from last week's radio, some of you might enjoy it very much

hypnotic tuff and odd house, loads of fresh stuff

if anyone wants IDs please just get in touch :)
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ah awesome. i was trawling around last night to see if you'd archived this yet!
house kittens don't sleep on this.

been enjoying the jungle/hardcore bruk show from a few months back the last few days too.


Just getting some work done to this now, very nice so far.
What's this tune at 27 minutes or so?

I may be back with more ID requests later.
Edit: What's all this at 71 minutes?
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I just dont know
hey man, glad you enjoyed it

i think the first one you mention is Punch Up by Laid

and i think the second one is K-Motion - Ghetto Romance (AphroDisiax & Mr Jimi Cut n Shut Dub) - this one is so big innit!