Bottom Star in Grime Shock!


Turd on the Run
Adrian Edmonson, star of the comedy series 'Bottom' and contestant on 'Comic Relief does Fame Academy' has revealed himself to be a fan of the UK Urban Music sensation 'Grime'. On Thursday's show a nervous Edmonson was pitted against CBBC and TOTP presenter Reggie Yates in the fight for the chance to be one of the Final Three contestants left in the show. The anxious comedian was waiting for the other contestants' deciding votes as to who would go through when he nervously said,
"The only bad thing is that they've got to split us up. It's Merkery! Neckle!".
It is unsure how much influence the famous grime afficionado Reggie Yates has had upon Edmonson, but whatever the case, a legendary cultural moment occurred - Jammer has infiltrated mainstream, peak-time television.


party record with a siren
they've been hanging out and drinking together every night in the house, so I guess there's been some "teach me some slang" style stuff going down.


Dumpy's Rusty Nut
reggie was wicked on the first show. awesome delivery of mr boombastic - unerringly just-behind-the-beat every syllable.

Logan Sama

I read this on RWD and thought it was a wind up.

Apparently Footsie was watching it live from his front room.