Fuck, it's cold.


Canadian news has started to notice your plight and poke some fun. Interviewer on national drive time raido yesterday: "So you're saying it took 40 people to shovel 2 inches of snow? Har har har."

We're just a miserable people and we like it when others have to share our winterdemons :eek:

polystyle desu

Memories of green
Blanketed !

We saw the TV coverage last night - the whole country covered in snow and will be snarled for days to come -at least. Careful out there and stay warm.


there are no accidents
people here are adviced to stock up food for about a week and try to avoid going out in the next few days :/ thanks Daisy.


it's fine got around london fine, except the postman hasn't delivered anything since tuesday and i'm waiting on stuff f

polystyle desu

Memories of green
From here it appeared like a scene out of Emmerlich's "Day After Tomorrow" ...
Everything snow covered or frozen.
We have a cold snap here , and tho' the Mid West is somewhat used to it,
this cold blast goes all the way down to New Orleans and it snowed in Atlanta.

Of course the global warming critics point to this and say ... " ... "

Stay warm Dissensus massif !


there are no accidents
wearing 2 sweaters with hoodie, 2 pairs of pants, and scarf in my home studio with the heat on. it's the kind of cold that gets under everything...


Beast of Burden
What a pathetic bunch of fucks we are, though. Complaining for years that Christmas is never white any more, global fucking warming, booo! Then it snows at Christmas and it's all "I can't go anywhere!" "I'm losing lots of money!"

It's Jade and Shilpa and Branscombe beach all over again! What a fucking nightmare!

The snow brought fieldfares and redwings to my garden, I couldn't get to university, the fields looked beautiful, the country shut down, and it was quiet and cold, and we had log fires, and I read John Donne and smoked cigarettes and drank brandy outside in subzero tempratures wearing a brand new cashmire scarf. It was lovely: Dylan Thomas and Swansea aged 6 all over.


H&M's thermal long johns is where it's at. I bought 3 pairs.

I'm going to bed now with my hot bockie. Night.