Tory bastards


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"None the less, Mr. Hancox has written a wonderful piece of imaginative text and I would encourage him to get in touch with Penguin publishers straight away."

oooooooooooooh badcuss!

Love the radical overhaul is giving the standard Tory Boy image



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wondering if i can get him to be my agent lol

the original blog post says 'the soul purpose is dodgy' - before a million people pointed out the typo and he changed it to 'sole'. what a typo though! a dodgy soul purpose! that is deep :)

he also misspelt 'ficticious'. money just doesn't buy the education it used to


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These posters are, I must admit, very funny, but it does ponder the question: is British democracy doomed?


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Swashbuckling stuff – but which Boris am I debating with? There is Boris A, the D'Artagnan of the City, firing off letters to the chancellor about the impact of the bonus tax and warning of thousands of bankers set to leave London. Then there is Boris B, the wise financial statesman worried about bankers' orgy of excessive bonuses, and the need for reform. Here we make common cause. But the financial statesman reverts to D'Artagnan with a blink of an eye.

I suppose it would be naive to call it new, but Dave and Boris' handling of 'final vocabulary' is awe-inspiring stuff. Boris seems better at it, because to actually call him on his shit is almost always going to make one look unseemly or distasteful. That's why toffs moan when you call them toffs, because it creates the possibility for the kinds of meaning they desperately want you to avoid. Which is why this billboard thing is so much fun I guess.

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From the comments section after Dan's piece in Prospect:

The thing about the right is that is disparate . I like the sound of these people but they are not the soul or even representative of the Conservative Party .Try talking to some of the private sector self employed working class vote that is a crucial of folk he constituency and you might hear the word chump , or something thrown in your direction . Is that what you want ?
Anyway who are you to complain about Party .Until we are all not smoking not having sex and having that chump Billy Bragg beamed in from all white Dorset and subject to CCTV in case anyone says the wrong thing you will never be happy .
…and come to think of it , when are you going to stop calling everyone you disagree with a racist . The proportion of Labour Party voters who put the BNP second as their Party of choice is 35% . You’ll find that survey in “The Likes of Us “ and What’s Left. Hardly surprising as it is a socialist Party as was the Nazi Party .
I think with time and therapy I shall learn to live without the dog eared remnant of cool Britannia and anyone who does not qualify for membership is alright by me .


Even by comments-section standards, this has to rank as one of the most bizarre and least coherent rants I've seen outside of Speak You're Branes. (edit: and youtube, obviously)
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