Pitiless police persecute Plastic People. Punters pissed.

john eden

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Agree in principle, but some of the hipsters probably are bankers too.

Worse for the communities who originally lived in either of those places.

I remember, about 4 years ago, when I saw the exact point of transition.

I was on a 76 bus on the way to work and when it passed by a new "luxury" block of flats in Hoxton. It was nearly built and they had big banners up outside advertising flats to buy.

The image was of a banker type bloke and an officey type woman - but both had asymmetric trendy haircuts.

Mr. Tea

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The image was of a banker type bloke and an officey type woman - but both had asymmetric trendy haircuts.

That's the thing - 10 years ago there was a haircut called the "Hoxton fin" that was very definitely identified with the Hox/'Ditch area and 'scene', but then in about 2004/5 you started seeing haircuts like that on blokes who worked in estate agents' offices and mobile phone shops. And today you see them (albeit in a slightly modified form) on 18-year-olds stacking shelves in Tesco. There's a predictable pattern of diffusion of these signifiers from the hipster element outwards into general society.


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It's most certainly moved already. During the weekend, most (maybe not all) of Hoxton/Shoreditch serves the same purpose as the West End of a few years back. Most stuff that inhabited Shoreditch has moved to spaces in Dalston up to Stoke Newington, through London Fields/Cambridge Heath/Hackney Downs to Hackney Wick. Go to a Shoreditch bar on a Friday night and you'll almost certainly hear city boys giving people directions on their mobile towards the "city east".

The East London Line will be back open soon so maybe the vibe will move South - come on down to New Cross!

john eden

male pale and stale
Todays the last day to appeal, so can we expect a decision soon I wonder

Hopefully they have a shitload of paperwork to wade through so it will take some time. I imagine they are very quick to say shut it down and very slow to say keep it open, if that makes sense.